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This Week's Features

Guardians of the Galaxy The Art of The Movie HC (2014 Marvel) 1-1ST
Guardians of the Galaxy The Art of The Movie HC (2014 Marvel) 1-1STGet a look behind the scenes of the sci-fi adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Mighty Marvel Masterworks
Mighty Marvel Masterworks Build the mightiest library around with these Mighty Marvel Masterworks collecting the early adventures of your favorite Marvel Heroes. Plus, get lots of bang for your buck with our heavily discounted prices!
Edgar Rice Burroughs Web Comics
Edgar Rice Burroughs Web Comics Edgar Rice Burroughs web comics! New strips weekly, only $1.99/month. Tarzan of the Apes, Pellucidar, Carson of Venus, & more!
Outcast #2
Outcast #2From the creator of THE WALKING DEAD comes an exploration into the horror of demon possession!
Vampirella TPB (2011-2014 Dynamite) 6-1ST The Final Curtain!
Vampirella TPB (2011-2014 Dynamite) 6-1ST The Final Curtain!She is a beautiful vampire from a strange land who has sworn to save us all from the forces of Chaos. She is...VAMPIRELLA! The final act of Dynamite's first ongoing VAMPIRELLA series is collected in this volume!
Justice League #32A
Justice League #32AWill the World’s Greatest Heroes accept Lex Luthor into their ranks? Will the treacherous Chief and his insidious Doom Patrol let them live long enough to decide?
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy Who are they? They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy and just in time for their big screen debut you can get caught up on all their amazing adventures with these comics and graphic novels!
mycomicshop Toy Box
mycomicshop Toy Box Warehouse finds, hidden gems and lost treasures! Take a moment to search through our eclectic and wide-ranging list of action figures, toys, and collectibles and maybe you'll just find your own lost treasure.
Grimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland #1A
Grimm Fairy Tales vs. Wonderland #1AAfter years of anticipation two worlds will finally collide when Sela Mathers meets Calie Liddle for the very first time, and sparks will fly!
Infestation Omnibus TPB (2014 IDW) 1-1ST
Infestation Omnibus TPB (2014 IDW) 1-1STThe undead invade the IDW Universe and the only standing in the way of the Apocalypse is the greatest assemblage of heroes ever seen! Featuring GI Joe, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, the Transformers and more!
Caliban #5A
Caliban #5ADue to a hyperspace accident, when a deep space mining ship merged with an alien vessel, the survivors found themselves in a desperate fight for survival and their numbers are quickly dwindling!
Adventures of Superman #15
Adventures of Superman #15When a giant robot from outer space crashes into Metropolis it’s a job for Superman! But what happens when the Man of Steel discovers who it is that built the machine?