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Issue Details

Issue #25
Published December 2001
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 36
Editing Kelly Lamy (Assistant); Stuart Moore; Nanci Dakesian
Notes Painted Cover; Marvel PG; Original Series Numbering #405

Cover Details

Characters Daredevil
Genre superhero
Pencils David Mack
Inks David Mack
Colors David Mack
Notes Painted Cover; Marvel PG; Original Series Numbering #405

22 page Daredevil story "Playing to the Camera Part 6: Who Is That Masked Man?"

Characters FEATURE: Daredevil; GUESTS: Foggy Nelson; Spider-Man (also as Daredevil); Elaine Kendrick; Samuel Griggs; Kate Vinokur; J. Jonah Jameson; Fake Daredevil [Terrence Hillman]; VILLAIN: Ringmaster
Synopsis A fake DD shows up at the trial letting Matt off the hook a little (but not before Matt fabricates evidence, perjures himself and basically does everything a lawyer isn't supposed to do) causing a mis-trial; DD tracks down the criminal mastermind responsible for the whole mess.
Genre superhero
Script Bob Gale
Pencils Phil Winslade
Inks James Hodgkins
Colors Chris Chuckry
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Notes Thus ends the longest two-parter (possibly one-shot) spread over six issues in Daredevil ever.