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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published December 1998
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 46
Editing Nanci Dakesian
Notes Gatefold Marvel Universe Guide front cover; Original series numbering #382.

Cover Details - "Quesada Cover"

Genre Superhero
Pencils Joe Quesada
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti
Letters Typeset

Cover Details - "Campbell Cover"

Characters Daredevil; Black Widow
Genre superhero
Pencils J. Scott Campbell
Inks Alex Garner
Colors Justin Ponsor
Letters Typeset

22 page Daredevil story Guardian Devil Part Two: "The Unexamined Life"

Characters FEATURE: Daredevil; GUESTS: Black Widow; Foggy Nelson; Lydia McKenzie; Karen Page; VILLAINS: Nicholas Macabes; Mr. Gabriel; CAMEOS: Spider-Man; Hulk; Rick Jones
Synopsis Matt learns that the child in his care isn't the new Messiah but is actually the Anti-Christ so DD tries to do away with the little tyke; Karen shows up on Matt's doorstep with a shocking revelation.
Genre Superhero
Script Kevin Smith
Pencils Joe Quesada
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti
Colors Avalon Studios; Laura (Depuy ?); Drew (Struzan ?)
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft; Liz Agraphiotis
Notes Fan letter from Randy Queen