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  • Issue #1
    Shadow Lady Special (2000) 1

    Story and art by Masakazu Katsura. Shadow Lady concludes with a stand-alone, super-sized finale! In this special tale, readers are treated to an "alternate" take on the Shadow Lady story, featuring the main characters as younger, cooler, cuter versions of themselves! This full-length story (with no ads!) features eighteen-year-old Aimi Komori, who is smitten with a new transfer student, Bright Honda. Bright is so obsessed with crime and criminals that his classmates think he's crazy. Aimi receives a special treasure: a magic eye-shadow kit! One brush transforms her from shy schoolgirl to sizzling Shadow Lady, ready to help Bright Honda in his war on the town's crime wave. But when the haughty Bright turns down her help, he unleashes the scorn of a Shadow Lady spurned...but she still wants himt to fall for her! Will he love Aimi ...or her shadowy, sexy alter ego? It's a unique "alternate-universe prequel" story which will entice new readers and thrill die-hard fans! Don't miss out! 48 pages, B&W. Cover price $3.99.