• Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel vs. Capcom vs. DC: Part 2 of 3

    Greetings from the Odinson,

    Last week the Odinson began a three-part column about one day seeing the ultimate combat games.  First up was Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel.  The Heroes of Earthrealm and the denizens of Outworld proved victorious, barely.  This week we see what happens when the World’s Greatest Super Heroes go toe-to-toe with the street-fighting brawlers of Capcom. 

    Let’s find out who wins.

    Part 2: DC vs. Capcom

    Superman vs. Akuma – Kal-el is the last son of Krypton.  Rocketed to Earth as an infant, the rays of Earth’s yellow sun have transformed him into the ultimate super hero – super strength, speed, endurance, flight, heat vision, intelligence, and near invulnerability.  The list of his heroic feats is endless and his courage is unparalleled.  Akuma is a master of martial arts whose fighting abilities are so super human that he can kill an opponent with one blow.  In the past, Akuma has defeated M. Bison (Capcom’s own “super-man”), but the Man of Steel is the greatest super hero in history.  Winner: Superman.

    Batman vs. Ryu – Bruce Wayne is the world’s greatest detective and a master of a dozen different martial arts.  Armed with an array of crime-fighting gadgets and tools, the Dark Knight wages an endless battle against the criminal underworld.  Ryu is a master of karate who walks the earth in search of new challenges and seeking new ways to test his might.  Able to beat his opponents into submission with a flurry of fireballs, tornado-kicks, and mighty uppercuts, there are very few adversaries that can match Ryu’s strength of combat.  However, the Caped Crusader is the ultimate man.  His fighting prowess rivals the greatest fighters in the world and on top of that he has one of the greatest tactical minds on the planet.  Together with the arsenal of gadgets in his uncanny utility belt, these skills and assets prove too much for the King of the Street Fighters. Winner:  Batman

    Wonder Woman vs. Chun-Li – Diana is the daughter of the legendary Queen of the Amazons and empowered with the strength of the Olympian Gods.  Armed with her lasso of truth and indestructible bracelets, the Amazing Amazon is one of the greatest heroes of the Modern Age.  Chun-Li is an Interpol agent seeking revenge on the master criminal M. Bison, the man that murdered her father.  She is a master of kempo, possesses near superhuman levels of agility, and her furious kicking attacks, which can ignite the air with flame, can pummel any opponent into unconsciousness.  Chun-Li maybe one of the greatest female combatants in the world, but Wonder Woman was trained by the God of War himself to be the ultimate combatant – period.  Winner: Wonder Woman.

    Flash vs. Zangief – Barry Allen is the Fastest Man Alive.  Able to tap a mysterious energy known as the Speed Force, he can accelerate up to near the speed of light.  Zangief is a hulking professional wrestler from Russia.  His grappling and tornado attacks can force even the mightiest fighters in the world into submission.  Though the Crimson Comet will land a thousand blows before the Russian Bear can land even one, Zangief is tough enough to take it, and all it will take is that one earth-shaking power slam and the Scarlet Speedster is down for the count.  Winner: Zangief

    Green Lantern vs. Mega Man – Hal Jordan is a test pilot who has been recruited into the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.  He is armed with the cosmic power ring, a universal weapon that grants its wearer abilities that are only limited by his imagination and willpower.  Mega Man is a super android designed to overcome any enemy he faces and absorb their power, thus increasing his abilities for every new challenge that lies ahead.  The Emerald Knight may possess the ultimate weapon but Mega Man IS the ultimate weapon.  Winner: Mega Man

    Aquaman vs. Ken Masters – Arthur Curry is the Lord of the Seven Seas.  Able to breathe underwater and communicate with the creatures of the sea, Aquaman also possesses great strength and a dense skin that can resist gunfire.  Ken Masters is a free-willing, cocky karate expert who trained under the legendary master Gouken, the same instructor that trained Ryu.  Like Ryu, Ken can barrage his opponents with fireballs and tornado kicks, but his most devastating attack is his fiery uppercut.  Though both these warriors live in the shadows of their more recognized peers, neither of them should be taken lightly.  However, unless the battle is taking place at the bottom of a swimming pool, I just don’t see Aquaman defeating the blonde brawler.  Winner: Ken Masters

    Martian Manhunter vs. Dhalsim – The last survivor of a dead world, J’onn J’onzz is easily one of the most powerful forces for good in the DCU.  He’s nearly as strong as Superman, plus he possesses one of the most powerful telepathic minds in the galaxy.  He can fly, has super speed, can become intangible, can shape-shift, and has Martian Vision, a powerful ranged attack that shoots from his eyes.  He only has one weakness – fire.  Dhalsim is a master of yoga and has the ability to stretch and contort his body into inhuman configurations, making him one of the most bizarre warriors in the world.  But most importantly, Dhalsim can breathe fire.  And what have we learned about Martians and fire?  Winner: Dhalsim.

    Lex Luthor vs. Albert Wesker – Lex Luthor is the greatest criminal mind of our era and the arch enemy of the world’s greatest super hero.  His genius is unparalleled and his ambitions are nothing short of world conquest.  Wesker is a master manipulator who through the use of a form of the T-Virus has gained super human strength and speed and has orchestrated the end of the world so that he may become the master of humanity.  In a dual between these two diabolical masterminds only the ultimate villain will come out on top.  Winner: Lex Luthor

    Catwoman vs. Morrigan Aensland – Selina Kyle is a master thief with the agility of an Olympic athlete and the skill to clip a fly’s wings with her bullwhip.  Morrigan is a sultry vampire whose bat-like wings can slice and impale opponents with deadly accuracy.  Though Catwoman could give Morrigan a run for her money in a “Who’s Sexiest Contest,” she just can’t compete with the supernatural power of the Queen of the Darkstalkers.  Winner: Morrigan Aensland.  

    Deathstroke vs. Captain Commando – Slade Wilson is a world class mercenary whose physical attributes have been increased to super human levels.  He is a master of combat, armed and unarmed, and a cold-blooded killer whose tactical mind allows him to take on any challenge.  Captain Commando is a super soldier armed with amazing gauntlets and boots that grant him many different super human abilities.  Though Captain C may be able to pummel futuristic thugs, gangsters, and ninjas into submission, the Terminator’s speed, strength, keen mind, and healing factor will prove to be just too much.  Winner: Deathstroke.

    Captain Marvel vs. M. Bison – When young Billy Batson utters the word SHAZAM, a magical bolt of lighting strikes and transforms him into the earthly avatar of Olympian might.  M. Bison is the leader of a terrorist criminal organization bent on world domination.  He possesses Psycho-Power which augments his abilities to super human levels.  M. Bison is a cunning adversary and easily one of the strongest fighters in the world, but Captain Marvel is second only to the Man of Steel and with his ever expanding knowledge of the Power of SHAZAM, his Olympian might would prove victorious.  Winner: Captain Marvel.  

    Harley Quinn vs. Jill Valentine – Harley Quinn was a psychologist driven mad when she tried to psychoanalyze the Joker.  She developed an infatuation for Batman’s greatest foe and now seeks to plunge the world into utter chaos at his side.  Jill Valentine is a member of S.T.A.R.S., the Raccoon City Police Department’s elite Special Forces unit.  She is an explosives expert, handy with a lock pick, and an accomplished monster killer.  Harley Quinn may be able to baffle most opponents with her off-the-wall puns and killer acrobatics, but in the world of ultimate survival, Jill Valentine is the ultimate survivor.  She always finds a way to win.  Winner:  Jill Valentine.

    Deadshot vs. Arthur – Floyd Lawton is one of the deadliest assassins alive.  He is arguably the best shot in the world with any type of firearm and is capable of turning almost anything handy into a deadly weapon. When the princess is taken captive by the Lord of the Underworld, Arthur is the brave knight that answers the call.  Though most of Deadshot’s battles end in about 2 seconds, Arthur has faced down hordes of ghosts, goblins, and all the fiends from hell.  His mystical armor allows him to take enough shots from his enemy long enough to use either his piercing lance or rapid-fire knife throwing skills to win the day, even if he is left in nothing but his briefs.  Winner: Arthur.  

    Nightwing vs. Strider Hiryu – Dick Grayson, after the murder of his parents, was raised by Bruce Wayne.  For years he fought alongside the Caped Crusader as Robin the Boy Wonder, but now he is his own man and fights for justice as the masked vigilante known as Nightwing.  Strider is a ninja of the future who uses his amazing Cypher-Blade and robot sentries to combat evil.  Now this battle is almost too close to call.  Strider is a super cool fighter but Nightwing was trained by the Batman and that, together with his near super human acrobatic skills, edges him past the super ninja.  Winner: Nightwing.

    The Joker vs. Mike Haggar – (It’s pretty scary that the outcome of the tournament rests in the hands of a lunatic like the Joker.)  The Joker is the most fiendish, diabolical, clever, and unpredictable madman to ever walk the earth.  He is a genius level chemist and is armed with an arsenal of weaponized prank-influenced gadgets that could mean death to those he springs them on.  Haggar is the two-fisted Mayor of Metro City.  His mission is to clean up the streets and rid its citizens of crime, even if he has to personally pummel every single crook in town to do it.  Though the hulking Haggar has faced all the criminals Metro City has to off and won, he has never faced anything remotely like the Clown Prince of Crime.  Winner: The Joker

    Final Score: DC Universe: 8 - Capcom Universe: 7

    WINNER: DC Universe

    Thanks to licensing agreements and copyrights, there is no way any of these match-ups will ever happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.  Be here next week when the Odinson showcases the ultimate wish for the ultimate combat game featuring the ultimate fighting characters in the gaming universe – Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

    This is Odinson bidding thee farewell      

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