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  • The Green Lantern Corps and Other Universal Police Forces

    Greetings from the Odinson,

    I just saw the Green Lantern movie and due to the less than stellar commercials for it I went into it with really low expectations (probably the best state of mind to be in when going to the movies) and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  It was fun, funny, action-packed, all the things a super hero movie should be.  The translations of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, the Guardians, and Kilowog to the Big Screen were wonderful.  And the chilling epilogue half way through the end credits was great.  Over all it was an enjoyable experience and what more can a comic fan ask for in a comic movie?  Now it wasn’t as good as Thor, Iron Man or the Christopher Reeves Superman movies, but it was as good as say Ghost Rider or Incredible Hulk.  So, good job DC and Warner.  The Odinson salutes you.  Three out of five hammers.   

    Watching the Green Lantern movie and going back to re-read instant classics like Rebirth and The Sinestro Corps War got the Odinson thinking about the tough job that has been given to the Green Lantern Corps.  Batman patrols the rooftops and back alleys of Gotham City.  Superman protects the citizens of Metropolis and planet Earth.  But a Green Lantern is responsible for the well being of an entire sector of space.  The Milky Way Galaxy falls into Sector 2814 and is patrolled by Hal Jordan and his partner John Stewart.  Outer space is vast and limitless.  It takes a special kind of hero to become part of the universal police force that is the Green Lantern Corps.

    But the Green Lanterns aren’t the only space cops patrolling the solar system.  In the worlds of comics and sci-fi, there are other universal police forces making the galaxy a safe place. 

    The Jedi Knights – George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, once compared this ancient sect of warriors to the samurai.  I like to think of the Jedi as the Texas Rangers of a galaxy far, far away.  The Jedi Knights are peacekeepers with the authority and physical prowess to do just that, keep the peace.  They are highly skilled hand-to-hand fighters, agile as cats, and can access the universal power known as the Force.  This gives the Jedi a mystical advantage over most adversaries as the Force gives them empathic, mind-control and telekinetic abilities.  Their weapon of choice is the all too cool lightsaber, a laser sword that can cut through almost anything.  The Jedi Knights patrol the galaxy in pairs, a master and his padawan understudy.  Whether it is rioting in the streets, a cadre of bounty hunters, or a small army of killer robots, there are very few situations that a Jedi cannot handle.    

    The Nova Corps – Originally, the Nova Corps was a race of super men that protected the planet Xandar.  But when a Nova Prime was mortally injured by a space pirate, he crashed to Earth and transferred his powers to the teenager Richard Rider.  Rider became the super hero Nova and for years fought the good fight against the forces of evil, first solo and then as a member of the New Warriors.  In the blink of an eye, the entire Nova Corps was wiped out by the Annihilation Wave and Rider was the sole survivor.  The Xandarian Worldmind, a sentient super computer, in order to preserve Xandar’s history and culture, transfers all the vast knowledge of Xandar and all the power of the Nova Corps into Richard Rider’s body.  Rider used his new found power to lead a motley crew of rebels comprised of all the alien races in the Marvel Universe against the Annihilation Wave and save the universe.  In the aftermath, Rider embarked on a universal quest to protect the universe, but outer space is a big place and one man cannot be everywhere at once.  So he began to recruit and empower brave men and women from around the cosmos and the Nova Corps was reborn.  Whenever universal threats arise, whether it be the Phalanx, a War of Kings, or Thanos, the Nova Corps is the first line of defense against that which threatens peace in the galaxy.  

    The Spaceknights of Galador – Eons ago, a monstrous race of aliens known as the Dire Wraiths, an off-shoot of the Skrull Empire, attempted to use their super science and witchcraft to conquer the galaxy.  On the shinning planet of Galador, brave men and women gave up their humanity and had their bodies permanently grafted into nearly indestructible suits of armor and became the Spaceknights.  After a costly yet decisive victory, the Dire Wraiths were defeated and scattered to the far reaches of the universe.  Knowing that the Dire Wraiths still posed a threat to peace, the Spaceknights spread out all across the galaxy in search of their evil adversaries.  This interstellar police action is what brought Rom, greatest of the Spaceknights, to planet Earth. 

    Other space cops include Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the Galaxy Rangers, SilverHawks, and Space Ghost.

    So long as teams like the Justice League of America and Avengers are around, planet Earth is safe.  But a universal police force’s jurisdiction doesn’t stop at the Stratosphere.  And with organizations like the Green Lantern Corps, the Jedi Knights, Nova Corps, and Spaceknights of Galador on patrol, the cosmos is in good hands.          

    This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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