• The Odinson Lists the Top 10 Objects of Power in Modern Day Pop Culture

    Greetings from the Odinson,


    Throughout history there have been legends of weapons and objects of power, treasures that can build empires and orchestrate the fall of kingdoms.  Excalibur, the fabled sword in the stone, was wielded by King Arthur, the legendary monarch of fabled Camelot.  In The Lord of the Rings, the One Ring to Rule Them All, was a highly sought after trinket of ultimate power.  The Ring’s fate will decide the fate of Middle-Earth.  Aladdin’s Lamp when rubbed produced a magical genie that could grant three wishes, anything the heart desires.  Jason and the Argonauts set out on a most harrowing quest to capture the divine power of the Golden Fleece.  And holy artifacts like the lost Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail are said to possess heavenly power that can turn the tide of human history.


    The brave crew of the Realms Master venture from one side of the Forgotten Realms to the other in search of objects of power.  In the fabled realms there exits artifacts of such magical power that they are items too powerful to be allowed to exist among mere mortals, items like The Hand of Vaprak, the Tablets of Fate, and Crenshinibon, the immensely powerful Crystal Shard.


    Our modern day legends and myths also have such objects of power.  Items of such legendary might that they can decide the fate of mankind depending upon who is in possession of them.


    Top 10 Objects of Power in Modern Day Pop Culture


    10 - Green Lantern Power Battery and Ring – The power of this modern day Aladdin’s Lamp is limited only by the user’s willpower and imagination.  The Green Lantern Corps use the power of the green light to enforce justice throughout the DC Universe.  A Green Lantern ring can erect powerful force fields, create objects of hard light like giant boxing gloves or dinosaurs, and allows it’s bearer to travel through the cosmos at greater than light speed.  The Justice League are the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, the Green Lantern Corps are the Universe’s Greatest Heroes.        


    9 - The Power Sword – Within this ancient blade resides all the cosmic secrets and magical powers of Castle Grayskull.  Prince Adam has been chosen to be the protector of these hallowed secrets and whenever he holds aloft this magic sword and utters the phrase - BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL - he is transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.  He-Man is empowered with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance undreamed of, and the Power Sword has the ability to cut through anything, deflect powerful spells and lasers, and many other uncanny abilities. 


    8 - The Sword of Omens – This legendary blade is the hallmark of the Ruler of Thundera, the doomed planet of the displaced ThunderCats.  Within the swords hilt reside the Eye of Thundera, a mystical jewel that grants its wielder Sight-Beyond-Sight, an ability to see into other realms, unseen current events, future events, and the ability to see through illusions and tricks of the mind.  The Sword of Omens can protect its wielder from harm and deflect magical attacks, even ones as powerful as the Ancient Spirits of Evil.  The Sword of Omens can also summon all ThunderCats to the precise location of their king by projecting a brilliant signal in the sky and mystically drawing them to his location.   


    7 - The Philosopher’s Stone – This fables artifact is said to possess the power to transform any material to gold, but it is so much more than that.  In Fullmetal Alchemist, the Elric brothers quest across a war-torn landscape and battle soldiers, mad scientists, rogue Alchemists, monsters, and devils in search of the legendary Philosopher Stone for it is foretold that this object of power not only possesses the ability to restore Alphonse to his human body, but it also holds sway over life and death itself.  In the DCU, in the classic Grant Morrison tale Rock of Ages, the Philosopher’s Stone holds power over the space/time continuum and reality itself.   


    6 - Mjolnir – Forged in the heart of a star, the mighty hammer of Thor is one of the most powerful magical weapons in history.  Its handle was formed out of a branch from Yggdrasil, the World Tree.  Its head is forged from indestructible Uru ore.  This short-handled hammer is so heavy and un-wielding that only a warrior as strong as Thor can wield it in battle effectively.  And on top of that, Odin, King of the Norse Gods, has placed an enchantment upon the hammer which allows only those who are worthy to be able to even lift the hammer.  Mjolnir gives its master power over the weather.  Thor can summon thunder storms, lightning bolts, hurricane force winds, and freezing snow.  Mjolnir can deflect energy, magic or otherwise, it can create portals through time and space, and it allows Thor to fly at blinding speed.  In Thor’s mighty hands, Mjolnir can hit with such force that it can smash mountains, cause earthquakes, and shatter any barrier.  But Mjolnir’s most powerful ability is when Thor focuses his immortal soul through it in the form of an unstoppable bolt of pure divine energy.  This attack has given pause to the unstoppable Juggernaut and even repelled cosmic titans like Galactus and the Celestials.       


    5 - The Helmet of Fate – The fabled Helmut of Nabu is worn by the sorcerer Dr. Fate.  The Helmut transforms Fate into the earthly avatar of the Lords of Order, immortal protectors of justice.  It grants him insight into ancient secrets of the cosmos and the ability to channel powerful magic.  Only a chosen few can wear the helmet.  The unworthy are driven insane when the helmet’s mystical secrets of the universe are revealed to them.   


    4 - The Necronomicon – The infamous Book of the Dead has been a staple and MacGuffin of H.P. Lovecraftian Horror for nearly a century.  Within this terrible tomb bound in human flesh and inked in blood resides the dark powers to call forth the Army of Darkness and plague the world of man with horrors undreamed of.  The sinister archmage, Felix Faust, draws his unholy power from the pages of this unholy tomb.  


    3 - The Book of Eternity – This legendary book of spells was scribed by Merlin, the most famous magician in history.  Within its pages resides mystical passages, glyphs, and enchantments that can bend reality and make the person who can master these spells the most powerful magic-user in the universe.  In this book, Merlin discloses the secrets of existence and chronicles the history of magic, secrets that empower its reader with a higher state of consciousness.  In the world of magic, all wizards have their spellbooks.  This is the ultimate spellbook.  The Book of Eternity makes the spellbook of Fistandantilus look like a Dr. Seuss book.


    2 - The Cosmic Cube – The Cosmic Cube is an instrument of unimaginable power.  It’s a box that harnesses vast amounts of cosmic power that allows its wielder to reshape reality to his whims.  Arch villains like the Red Skull and Thanos have tried to use the vast power of the Cosmic Cube to enslave the Marvel Universe.  The mad scientists of A.I.M. developed the Cosmic Cube which resides on Earth, but there have been other Cosmic Cubes throughout the cosmos.  The alien Shaper of Worlds was once a Skrull Cosmic Cube but is now a space god on a never-ending quest to create the perfect world.  The nigh-omnipotent Beyonder is a Cosmic Cube that became sentient and forced the bravest heroes and most dangerous villains of Earth to fight in his Secret Wars. 


    1 - The Infinity Gems – The six Infinity Gems hold ultimate power over Time, Space, Power, Mind, Soul, and Reality.  Once upon a time these baubles of infinite power were in the possession of the Elders of the Universe, a cosmic congregation of the oldest immortals in the Marvel U.  But then the Mad Titan, Thanos, through force, guile, and manipulation usurped the gems from their former masters and created the Infinity Gauntlet.  Those that possess the Cosmic Cube are given the powers of a god.  Those that possess the Infinity Gauntlet become a god.  The Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful Object of Power in the multiverse.  Even cosmic titans like Galactus, the Celestials, and Eternity must yield to its might.  


    Though there are definitely other artifacts of great mystical might, items like the Spear of Destiny, the Ultimate Nullifier, Mother Box, and the Casket of Ancient Winters, these are the Top 10 Objects of Power in Modern Day Pop Culture.


    This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     


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    #1) Terry T. - 9:52 AM, Apr 23, 2014

    I am just a little surprised the Miracle Machine (Legion of Super-Heroes) didn't make the list. It was sealed in Inertron so a stray thought would not accidentally recreate an entirely new and different universe, so its intrinsic power scale should place it above a set of power rings or the helmet of Nabu.

    Its use as a deux ex machina plot device has been sometimes mishandled, but the original concept as a gift by the Controllers to the LSH is pretty solid and in the hands of a gifted storyteller might be used to a grand (and universe-shaking) effect.

    Anyway, it's just my opinion. Your list was well-argued. Thanks for sharing.

    #2) Ron L. - 9:53 AM, Apr 23, 2014

    I was hoping Dr Strange's amulet, containing the Eye of Agamotto, would rate at least a mention in your Top Ten Objects of Power list....but "seeing" as Dr Strange hasn't made an appearance in the new Marvel movies, I guess no one outside comics fans knows about it...I think once he gets his own movie, he will be the most powerful super-being in the universe, and all villains will be afraid of him, including Loki, Hydra, Dr. Doom, Thanos, and all the other baddies.

    Then there's his cloak...but that's "under wraps" for now!

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