• The Odinson's Most Beautiful Women in Comics

    Greetings from the Odinson,

    It’s that time of year when the most beautiful women in America gather in Las Vegas to participate in the Miss America beauty pageant.  The worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and comics are filled with attractive, talented, smart women, and the Odinson loves them all.  But who is the most beautiful woman in comics?  Instantly, visions of Princess Leia in her gold bikini being held captive in Jabba the Hutt’s palace come to mind.  Dark beauties like Vampirella and Lady Death are unquestionably beautiful, but a little too dangerous for my taste.  The villainess Poison Ivy is sultry and as enticing as a siren of myth and legend.  But one kiss from this femme fatale could be the last.

    Rogue is hot, but untouchable.  Wonder Woman is beautiful, but unattainable.  Betty and Veronica are cute, but this is a contest for women.  So, who is the most beautiful woman in comics?  Krause Publications tries to answer this question with their beautifully illustrated book 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.  This is a fantastic look at just about all the beautiful women from across the multiverse.  And though I may not agree with the order some of these beauties fall into, I can say, with all confidence, that this is a must read. 

    Well, in honor of the Miss America contest, the Odinson has decided to list the women whom he thinks are the most beautiful women in comics.  Here’s a list of the gorgeous gals that just missed placing in this contest: Black Widow, Storm, Lara Croft, Princess Leia, and Xena.  These five women, and others I’ve already mentioned, are extremely attractive, capable women, but my Top 5 are the cream of the crop.   

    So without further ado, here are the Odinson’s Most Beautiful Women in Comics. 

    5th Place goes to: Deja Thoris – Right off the bat, this runner up will have the fanboys fanning themselves as their faces flush.  What confidence this Martian princess has in order to be able to prance around as scantily clad as she seemingly is all the time.  Dynamite’s re-launch of the Warlord of Mars series has been a good one, and Deja Thoris is, without a doubt, a major factor for the buzz and success of this series.  Sure, there are other alien beauties, but few can capture your attention and hold it like this Princess of Mars.  All I have to say is, it must be really hot on Mars.  Her Talent: She’s a natural born leader with a natural born talent for looking breath-taking on the red sands of Mars.

    4th Place goes to: Buffy Summers – Now I have to admit that I’m a little biased with this pick because I have always had a huge crush in Sarah Michelle Gellar.  But, c'est la vie!  What can I say, the girl is hot.  Buffy is not only attractive, but she’s smart, strong, loyal, and passionate.  And when she falls in love, it’s forever.  To this day, even though it’s been years since they were an item, Buffy can’t lay eyes on her ex-beau without getting flushed and affectionately saying his name – “Angel.”  But make no mistake, Buffy is a heartbreaker.  Just ask Xander, Riley Finn, and Spike.  More so than any other name on this list, Buffy Summers knows fashion and is no stranger to a mall shopping spree.  This is definitely one super heroine that is going to beat the bad guy, and look good while doing it.  Her Talent: Vampire slaying.

    3rd Place goes to: Catwoman – One word: catsuit.  From the skin-tight outfit to the leather whip to the devil-may-care attitude, this is one pick that hardly has to be explained.  Since her debut in Batman #1, this sultry vixen has walked a tightrope between villainess and heroine.  She was a scene-stealer in the 1960s campy Batman TV Show (as portrayed by the lovely Julie Newmar).  She was a scene-stealer in the Batman Animated Series (as voiced by the legendary Adrienne Barbeau). And she was definitely a scene-stealer in Batman Returns (as portrayed by the eternally sexy Michelle Pfeiffer).  Not only will this kitten steal the crown jewels, but she’ll steal your heart as well.  Her Talent:  She’s a master thief with the uncanny ability to take even Batman’s breath away.

    2nd Place goes to: Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) – Yes, I know one of her super powers is that she can excrete a pheromone that makes men fall for her.  Well, guess what, it’s working. When I was a young tike, there was a Spider-Woman cartoon and even as a child I found her to be beautiful.  Fast forward many years later and Jessica Jones makes a triumphant return in the pages of New Avengers and as rendered by uber artist David Finch has become, without a doubt, one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen in a comic book.  How this young lady has remained single is beyond me, but it looks like a romantic relationship between her and Hawkeye is about to take off.  So, not only is Clint Barton the World’s Mightiest Marksman, but he’s also the luckiest one too.  Some guys just get all the breaks.  Her Talent:  This sexy heroine can glide through the air, climb up walls, and zap any evil doer that decides to get a little too handsy. 

    1st Place goes to: Invisible Woman – Susan Storm Richards is the most beautiful woman in comics.  Period.  As a founding member of the professional super adventurers the Fantastic Four, Sue has come a long way from her early days of being little more than a damsel in distress.  She’s one of the most versatile and powerful super heroes in the Marvel Universe and she is a loving wife and mother.  This matriarch of the Future Foundation has the patience to deal with her obnoxious younger brother (the Human Torch), the compassion to sympathize with her disfigured friend (the Thing), the understanding to support her scatter-brained scientist husband (Mister Fantastic), and still find time to be a doting mother to her children (Valeria and Franklin).  Powerful men like Doctor Doom and especially Prince Namor of Atlantis are attracted and drawn to her.  But Sue only has eyes for her man, Reed.  Sue Richards is beautiful, smart, brave, loyal and independent.  She is the perfect woman.  Too bad she’s fictional.  Her Talent: Not only can this beautiful and capable woman stare unflinching into the face of Galactus but she can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never ever let Reed Richards forget he’s a man. 

    Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  For the Odinson, these five women are the most beautiful women in comics.  Did your favorite make my list?  The Odinson celebrates all women and holds a special place in his heart for all of them, especially those brave, beautiful women that protect us from the forces of evil.

    This is Odinson bidding thee farewell     

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