Marvel Zombies Return (2009) 1A comic book

  • Issue #1A
    Marvel Zombies Return (2009) 1A

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    1 of 5 Cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM. Written by FRED VAN LENTE. Art by NICK DRAGOTTA. They're back! What happened to Spider-Man, Colonel America, Power Man, Giant-Man and Wolverine at the end of MARVEL ZOMBIES 2? Where were they transported to... and more importantly, when?In this first chapter, your friendly neighborhood undead arachnid arrived in the swingin' college days of his distant past, and when the Sinister Six threaten his loved ones, he siezes the opportunity to undo all the horror he's caused as a flesh-eating freak. But can a monster truly become a hero, no matter how guilt-ridden he is? Or will he learn the hard way that with great hunger also comes... great hunger? Cover price $3.99.