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Rai History of the Valiant Universe (2017 Valiant) 1A comic book

  • Issue #1A
    Rai History of the Valiant Universe (2017 Valiant) 1A

    Written by Rafer Roberts. Art by Francis Portela. Cover by Clayton Crain. It is the year 4002 A.D.... Rai, the spirit guardian of Earth, has uncovered an ancient tome filled with history's greatest tales and civilizations darkest moments. Charting the dawning days of ancient Mesopotamia, all the way to the rise of New Japan, the history of the Valiant Universe is laid bare in shocking and revelatory detail. From X-O Manowar to Bloodshot to Faith to Divinity... history will reveal untold revelations for Valiant's greatest heroes and antagonists! In the tradition of the original RAI #0, Harvey Award-nominated writer Rafer Roberts (Harbinger Renegade) and acclaimed artist Francis Portela (Faith) unleash a celebration of Rai's 25th anniversary with the third of four standalone specials honoring the most famed Valiant stories ever told! 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.