Marvel Giant-Size Gift Pack SET1 comic book

  • Issue #SET1
    Marvel Giant-Size Gift Pack SET1
    Published by Marvel.

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    This fantastic collection of Marvel's Giant-Size Titles made specifically for Target contains 6 giant sized All-Ages comics with material from over 20 comics for the price of 1. The titles featured in this pack are; Spider-Man (reprints material from Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #6,15,21-22), Spider-Man Classic Power & Responsibility (reprints material from Amazing Spider-Man #4,252, Spectacular Spider-Man #42, Fantasitc Four #218), Avengers Mischief (reprints material from Marvel Adventures Avengers #5-8), X-Men First Class New Beginnings (reprints material from X-Men First Class #1-4), Spider-Man Family (reprints material from Spider-Man Family #1-3) and Fantastic Four Cosmic Threats (reprints material from Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #12-15). Cover price $6.99.