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Klor (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Klor (1999) 1
    Published 1999 by Sirius.

    by Dark One The Dark One you know and love is back with a new series! Featuring to the popular gray- tone painting style that made him a star, Dark One presents the origin of Klor, the centaur from the first Animal Mystic series! Klor belongs to the Muishaa order of priests now, but in the good old days Klor was an arrogant, barbaric scoundrel ? and this is his story! Klor will knock you out! Bimonthly. b&w, 24pg (1 of 3)$2.95" Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Klor (1999) 2
    Published 1999 by Sirius.

    by Dark One Deep within the belly of the worm, KlorĀ¹s physical nature begins to transform. Losing the anger and arrogance of his youth, the centorg reflects on his role in the universe. In his rebirth, Klor sets about his training, under the watchful eye of Father Kroy, to become the central figure in PraktillĀ¹s salvation. But when Klor meets Padu, a mysterious cloaked figure with untold powers, the centorg realizes that the fate of the world might lie in his hands sooner than he thinks! Bimonthly. b&w, 24pg (2 of 3)" Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Klor (1999) 3
    Published 1999 by Sirius.

    by Dark One In this all-out slugfest conclusion to the Klor miniseries, Father Kroy has been kidnapped by a former pupil, and Klor must charge into battle without fully understanding who his enemy is or why he wants to destroy Klor's new master. To further complicate things, Klor discovers that his opponent is a Centorg ? just like him! This one will knock your socks off! b&w, 24pg, (3of 3)" Cover price $2.95.