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Wizard Wolverine Special Edition (1999) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Wizard Wolverine Special Edition (1999) 1

    Came FREE Wild Thing #0 MC2 Marvel comic book! As Marvel Comics' most popular member of theX-Men,Wolverine, celebrates his 25th anniversary, Wizard Entertainment proudly presents the Wizard Wolverine Special Edition. Get everything you need to know about what will happen next to Wolverine as we talk to all of the creators past and present who have had the greatest impact upon his turbulent history. From the long-awaited return of his Adamantium skeleton to his infatuation with Jean Grey, it's all in here. We start with writerErik Larsen in anexclusive Q&A on Wolvie's future. Get the complete rundown of the self- titled Wolverine comic book from issue #1 to the latest release. This complete coverage will include thetop 10 best stories,top 10 strangest moments and the entire cast of characters that have helped shape the ongoing Wolverine/Logan saga. Find out just how powerful Wolvie really is as we set him up against a number of different heroes and get the word from Larsen on how the battles would end. Get ready for Wolverine to appear in the newX-Men major motion picture and get the latest on how production is proceeding. Then go historical as comic legendsJohn Romita Sr.,Roy Thomas,Len Wein,Dave Cockrum and Herb Trimpe talk about the initial development and introduction of Wolverine to the Marvel universe. Follow the changes in his costume from his very first appearance to today. This special Wizard publication will also featureWolverine?s daughter,Wild Thing, a profile on Adamantium and a comprehensiveWolverine Mama Jama. This uncanny Wizard special will feature an all-new cover by Leinil Francis Yu--reserve your copy now! EXCLUSIVES: FREE Wild Thing #0 Marvel comic! Meet Wolverine's daughter from the MC2 comic line as she comes into her own and encounters a horde of Wendigos! FREE wacky Wolverine board game centerspread! It's fun, Canadian and very Wolverine! DON'T MISS IT!" Cover price $4.99.