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Rebels comic books issue 2

  • Issue #2
    Rebels (1994) 2
    Published Dec 1994 by DC.

    The pressure builds as the R.E.B.E.L.S. begin to turn on one another - with near deadly results. But if they're to puzzle out the workings of their mysterious ship, an obsessed Vril Dox, a brainwashed Telepath, an embittered Strata and an angry Lobo must get their acts together before the next deadly assault by the forces of L.E.G.I.O.N. Written by Tom Peyer, with art by Derec Aucoin and James Pascoe. Cover by Dave Johnson. New Format. Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #2
    Rebels (2009 DC) 2

    Written by Tony Bedard Art and cover by Andy Clarke Vril Dox - the son of Brainiac - finds himself fleeing from the universe's deadliest bounty hunters as he tries to figure out who stole his intergalactic L.E.G.I.O.N. police force from him. But the more he learns, the less he likes! Guest-starring Supergirl. 32 pg, FC Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Rebels (2015 Dark Horse) 2

    Written by Brian Wood. Art by Andrea Mutti. Cover by Tula Lotay. While Seth Abbott patrols the New England forests with his militia, his new bride Mercy holds down the home front. But whatever honeymoon period the growing American Revolution affords them is cut short when Seth and Ezekiel go on a daring nighttime raid determined to deny the British access down the Hudson River. 28 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    Rebels These Free and Independent States (2017) 2

    Written by Brian Wood. Art by Andrea Mutti. Cover by Matt Taylor. Twenty years old and already an experienced shipbuilder, John Abbott divides his time between the construction of the USS Constitution and dabbling in the raucous and sometimes violent political demonstrations happening around him. After he falls in with two abolitionists one night in Boston, things take a tragic turn. 28 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    Elfquest The Rebels (1994) 2

    Cover pencils by Delfin Barral, inks by Terry Beatty. Leavetaking (Farewells and Connections), script by Bern Harkins, pencils by Delfin Barral, inks by Jen Marrus; Rebels steal stealth prototype ship and escape into space hotly pursued by the Skyward Space Patrol. Bedtime Stories promo ad, pencils by Wendie Lee, inks by Terry Beatty. 36 pgs. $2.25. Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Star Trek Deep Space Nine Rebels PB (1999 Pocket Novel) 2-1ST

    Book 2 - 1st printing. "The Courageous". By Daffyd ab Hugh. Kai Winn has never divulged what she personally did during the harsh and perilous days of the Occupation. But now, as Cardassian warships fight to reclaim Deep Space Nine, she cannot help recalling those bygone days -- and her own private war against the Cardassian oppressors. Softcover, 4-in. x 7-in., 248 pages, Text Only. Cover price $6.50.