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Spongebob Comics comic books issue 40

  • Issue #40
    Spongebob Comics (2011 United Plankton Pictures) 40
    Pre-publication image; subject to change

    Due to a distributor error we did not receive this issue. Replacements are expected soon. Written by David McGuire and Scott Roberts. Art by Scott Roberts and Gregg Schigiel. Cover by Scott Roberts, Jacob Chabot and Mark Martin. In our ocean-shaking volcano issue, witness the explosive birth of Patrick's new house! It happens in 'Guest to Pest' by Scott Roberts. In 'Magma Morons,' SpongeBob explores a volcanic island with a secret-courtesy of Kaz, Vince DePorter, and a big photo spread of a 'real' volcano! Plus, in 'Formula None,' SpongeBob goes on strike when Mr. Krabs replaces the Krabby Patty ingredients with artificial filler! Also, facts about undersea vents by Maris Wicks (Batman '66, Primates) and Dave DeGrand's tale of the weirdest-shaped toe blister in the history of Bikini Bottom! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $2.99.