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Storm comic books issue 10

  • Issue #10A
    Stormwatch (1993 1st Series) 10A

    Story by Ron Marz. Art by Dwayne Turner. This story picks up after the events of StormWatch #25 (see NOTE). Battalion has seen the future. He has seen friends fallen and knows that he himself is destined to die in the near future. How can a man go on knowing the dark future he has in store? Meanwhile, Talos, a member of the dangerous Warguard has escaped and it's up to StormWatch to stop him. Includes a pin-up of StormWatch by Dan Norton and Chuck Gibson. 32 pages, FC. NOTE: Yes, that's correct. A mysterious stranger arrives in the present to take Battalion into the near future to help against an adversary no one else can stop. StormWatch #25 is part of Image Comics Image of Tomorrow event. Here the Image titles jumped several issues into the future to show the readers a glimpse of where the titles are heading. After StormWatch #9, the series jumped ahead to #25 then the following month picked up with #10. Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #10B
    Stormwatch (1993 1st Series) 10B

    Whilce Portacio variant cover Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #10
    Stormwatch (2011 DC) 10

    (W) Peter Milligan (A) Ignacio Calero, Sean Parsons (CA) Miguel Angel Sepulveda Welcoming the art team of IGNACIO CALERO and SEAN PARSONS as a new epic begins! HARRY TANNER returns to take on STORMWATCH! More secrets of the team's past are revealed! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #10
    Storm (2014 3rd Series) 10
    Published Jun 2015 by Marvel.

    Written by Greg Pak. Art by Victor Ibanez and Al Barrionuevo. Cover by Stephanie Hans. Storm has been traveling the globe, bettering the world for man and mutant alike… But what happens when a familiar figure whom she failed in the past returns, seeking recompense? 28 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #10
    Stormwatch PHD (2006) Post Human Division 10

    Written by Christos Gage Art by Andy Smith Cover by Mike McKone A killer has begun targeting 'retired' Super Heroes, a number of whom are on the StormWatch pension plan. The investigation into these crimes points toward the incredibly powerful Slaughterhouse Smith - is PHD ready to take on such a heavy hitter? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #10
    Stormwatch Team Achilles (2002) 10

    WRITTEN BY MICAH IAN WRIGHT; ART BY WHILCE PORTACIO AND SAL REGLA; COVER BY PORTACIO EYE OF THE STORM. Khalid Tefibi is the resident computer geek of Team Achilles, a man who prefers the intel side of field work over on-site operations. But now he finds himself at the center of an operation to capture him ? and he's on the run in a strange city from a Pentagon-based supergroup. How can this computer nerd hope to survive against the world's mightiest soldiers with no backup from his StormWatch compatriots? MATURE READERS FC, 32 PG. $2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #10
    Stormwatch (1997 2nd Series) 10

    The End of StormWatch: Part 1 of 3 – No Reason! Written by Warren Ellis. Art and cover by Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary. The entire saga of StormWatch comes to a head in this 3-part tale that closes the door on this chapter. When a mysterious asteroid is on a course to pass too closely to the Earth Weatherman Jackson King sends out an investigative crew to plant charges and blow the rock into the sun. As the crew lands, they quickly realize that there is alien technology hidden beneath the surface of the asteroid. Suddenly, SkyWatch loses radio contact with the team. However, the asteroid is blown harmlessly into the sun and the issue ends with the investigative crews shuttle silently returning to SkyWatch. Story continues in WildCATs/Aliens (1998). 32 pages, FC. Cover price $2.50.

  • Issue #10
    Captain Storm (1964) 10
    Published Dec 1965 by DC.
    • Discounted from $4.49.
    • Discounted from $4.49.
  • Issue #10
    Asylum (2013 Storm King) 10

    Written by Sandy King and Trent Olsen. Art by Leonardo Manco. Cover by Nick Percival. Beckett and Duran utilize Duran's gift for discernment to track down the person (or persons) responsible for Arlington's missing children. Another victim puts the city on lockdown with curfew in full effect as the police patrol the town streets twenty-four hours a day. Meanwhile, a new player has entered the fray, looking for her prey: a true innocent. 24 pages, full color. MR Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #10-1ST
    Storm Riders GN (2002-2003 Comics One) 10-1ST

    Volume 10 - 1st printing. Story and art by Wing Shing Ma. The story of love, loss, mythical creatures and god-like Kung Fu styles continues in Storm Riders #10. The distraught Cloud continues aiding the mysterious couple that reminds him of his tragic relationship with Kong Chi. It's man against beast with Wind still hot on the heels of the Flame Kylin. Can he tame this mythical monster? Softcover, 120 pages, full color. Cover price $13.95.