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Evolution TPB (2018 Image) 1-1ST Origins of the Species!
Evolution TPB (2018 Image) 1-1ST Origins of the Species!Human evolution has taken millions of years to get to this stage. Next week, we become something new. Around the world, humanity is undergoing rapid and unpredictable changes, and only three individuals know about it.
A Super Milestone
A Super Milestone For 80 years Superman has fought for Truth, Justice, and the American Way! This April, Action Comics reaches its astounding 1000th issue! Help the Man of Tomorrow celebrate this Super Milestone and checkout all these titles starring the greatest hero of them all!
Bloodshot Salvation #9A
Bloodshot Salvation #9AThe origin of Bloodhound!
Superman Reborn TPB (2018 DC Universe Rebirth) 1-1ST
Superman Reborn TPB (2018 DC Universe Rebirth) 1-1STMr. Mxyzptlk is back and he’s not happy with the Man of Steel. What has the powerful little imp so twisted and what does this attack mean for Superman and his family moving forward?
Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Man No More TPB (2018 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1ST
Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Man No More TPB (2018 Marvel) Epic Collection 1-1STRelive the tale that established the Green Goblin as Spidey’s most notorious foe! Plus, Web-Head’s first meeting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…and it does not go as planned.
Dark Days: The Road to Metal HC (2018 DC) 1-1ST
Dark Days: The Road to Metal HC (2018 DC) 1-1STLeading directly into the blockbuster event DARK NIGHTS: METAL, this is an epic story that spans generations. Includes classic DC stories that built the foundations of Metal!
Value Packs
Value Packs Here's your chance to dive into the exciting world of comic collecting at 1980s prices. Not since 1980 have comics been this affordable! You'll receive 3 lbs. of comics, generally about 25-40 comics depending on page count.
Gift Codes
Gift Codes Buying for a collector? A MyComicShop gift code is the answer! Gift codes can be used on everything we offer, including our monthly auction!
Justice League: No Justice (2018) #2
Justice League: No Justice (2018) #2The teams arrive at Brainiac's home world to find it already in chaos. Can teams of heroes and their most dangerous foes set aside their differences long enough to save the universe?
Infinity Gauntlet TPB (2011 Marvel) 3rd Edition 1-REP
Infinity Gauntlet TPB (2011 Marvel) 3rd Edition 1-REPIt’s the story that inspired the movie! Thanos is back and empowered with the unparalleled cosmic might of the Infinity Gauntlet! Can even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hope to stop the Mad Titan? Collects Infinity Gauntlet #1-6
Infinity Countdown: Daredevil (2018) #1A
Infinity Countdown: Daredevil (2018) #1AThe Mind Stone has reemerged into the universe in the middle of the New York underworld. Can even Daredevil keep Hell's Kitchen from falling under the influence of an Infinity Stone's immense power?
Captain America #702A
Captain America #702APromised Land: Part 2 - The quest to save his son leads Jack Rogers into the bowels of the Earth, and a meeting with the descendant of another notable Marvel hero!