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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published July 2007
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 3.65 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Matt Idelson; Nachie Castro (associate)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2007-05-23. Copyright © 2007 DC Comics.

Cover Details - "Amazons Attack Tie-in"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Queen Hippolyta
Genre Superhero
Pencils Terry Dodson (signed)
Inks Rachel Dodson (signed)
Colors Alex Sinclair [as Sinc] (signed)

22 page Wonder Woman story "Love and Murder, Part 4"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Nemesis [Tom Tresser]; Sarge Steel; Justice League of America [JLA; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Black Canary [Dinah Lance]; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]]; Queen Hippolyta; Amazons; Athena; Circe (villain); Everyman [Willy Loman] (villain)
Synopsis The Amazons attack the United States.
Genre Superhero
Script Jodi Picoult
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Rob Leigh

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "DC Nation 60"

Script Peter J. Tomasi
Letters typeset
Notes Peter Tomasi looks back at his 15 years as an editor and explains why he is leaving his editorial position. The page includes 40 covers from titles Peter Tomasi edited. Hot list - All-Star Batman and Robin #5, Catwoman #67 and Justice League of America #9. House ad for Amazons Attack #2.