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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published June 2007
Frequency [none]
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 40
Editing Randy Stradley; Dave Marshall (assistant); Scott Cook (designer); Mike Richardson (publisher)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2007-06-13. Star Wars © 2007 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. Credits acknowledge special thanks to Elaine Mederer, Jann Moorhead, David Anderman, Leland Chee, Sue Rostoni & Amy Gary at Lucas Licensing.

Cover Details - "Emperor Fel at Bay!"

Characters Emperor Roan Fel
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Jan Duursema
Inks Jan Duursema
Colors Brad Anderson

1 page Star Wars recap "Recap"

Genre Science Fiction
Script John Ostrander ?
Letters typeset
Notes Recap of story to date, creator credits and indicia.

22 page Star Wars story "Ready to Die"

Characters Emperor Roan Fel; Antares Draco; Imperial Adjunct Tohri Challon; Rikkar-Du (death); Bo-Attal; Kassek-Ka; Tassa (death); Jassar (death); Governor Vikar Dorn (death); Darth Kruhl (death); Darth Krayt; Darth Maladi
Synopsis Darth Krayt, the ruthless and unwavering Sith Emperor, knows that to achieve order, sometimes one must first create chaos. With the galaxy nearly in his grasp, Krayt tires of deposed Emperor Roan Fel's opposition of the Sith. He decrees that this alliance of Imperials loyal to Fel must be broken. Once scattered, Krayt has little doubt his weakened opponents will surrender to his ultimate command. To achieve this end, Krayt has devised a unique mission for a minion of atypical loyalty--Darth Kruhl--who is not only willing to kill, but ready to die. [per solicitation]
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Ostrander (story and script); Jan Duursema (story)
Pencils Colin Wilson
Inks Colin Wilson
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Michael Heisler
Notes The events in this story take place approximately 137 years after the Battle of Yavin.

2 page Star Wars illustration "Galactic Alliance"

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Sean Cooke (painted)
Inks Sean Cooke (painted)
Colors Sean Cooke (painted)
Letters typeset
Notes Galactic Alliance painting.

1 page Star Wars Legacy letters page "Star Wars Legacy"

Characters Kee; Cade Skywalker; Chak
Script Randy Stradley
Pencils Travis Charest
Inks Travis Charest
Colors Travis Charest
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Nathanel E., Admiral Nick and Aaron Sinner - and responses from Randy Stradley. Preview of cover to Star Wars: Legacy #14.

1 page Horsepower promo (ad from the publisher) "Horsepower: Discover Dark Horse May 2007"

Script Scott Allie; Matt Parkinson; Dirk Wood
Letters typeset
Notes Transcript of Scott Allie, Matt Parkinson and Dirk Wood discussing Free Comic Book Day 2007. Preview of cover to Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day comic for 2007.