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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published September 2007
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mark Paniccia; Nathan Cosby (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Hulk
Genre superhero
Pencils Carlo Pagulayan
Inks Jeffrey Huet
Colors Chris Sotomayor
Letters Typeset

22 page Hulk story "Is He Man or Monster or...Is He Both?"

Characters FEATURE: Hulk (Origin); GUESTS: Thunderbolt Ross; Betty Ross; Rick Jones
Synopsis In this update of the Hulk's origin story for younger readers, lowly research assistant Rick Jones drives onto a nuclear test site to free a lab monkey from gamma induced doom and is saved by Bruce Banner who is caught in the blast of the deadly bomb; The Hulk strides out of the aftermath of the explosion and even the army is powerless to stop him.
Genre superhero
Script Paul Benjamin
Pencils David Nakayama
Inks Gary Martin
Colors Wil Quintana
Letters Dave Sharpe; Chris Eliopoulos

1 page Mini Marvels story "Untitled"

Characters FEATURE: Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Human Torch; The Thing
Synopsis The FF try to convinve the Human Torch to turn his powers off when he isn't using them.
Genre superhero
Script Chris Giarrusso
Pencils Chris Giarrusso
Inks Chris Giarrusso
Colors Chris Giarrusso
Letters Chris Giarrusso