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Issue Details

Issue #27
Published October 2007
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Nathan Cosby; Mark Paniccia (Consulting Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Human Torch; Inhumans [Crystal; Black Bolt; Medusa; Triton; Gorgon; Karnak; Lockjaw]
Genre superhero
Pencils Paul Smith (signed)
Inks Paul Smith
Colors Lee Loughridge

22 page Fantastic Four story "Meet the Parents"

Characters Human Torch; Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Thing; Inhumans [Black Bolt; Medusa; Crystal; Triton; Gorgon; Karnak; Lockjaw]; Seeker; Maximus (flashback)
Synopsis The Fantastic Four meet Johnny's girlfriend Crystal's family, but their dinner is broken up by the arrival of the Seeker, who is hunting down the fugitive Inhumans.
Genre superhero
Script Fred Van Lente
Pencils Cory Hamscher
Inks Cory Hamscher
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters Dave Sharpe
Notes In this continuity Crystal is the daughter of Black Bolt and Medusa.