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Issue Details

Issue #14
Published December 2007
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Eddie Berganza; Adam Schlagman (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "At The Mercy Of The Injustice League!"

Characters Justice League of America [Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders]; Vixen]; Injustice League [Gorilla Grodd; Poison Ivy; Joker; Cheetah; Dr. Light; Lex Luthor]
Genre superhero
Pencils Ian Churchill
Inks Norm Rapund
Colors Alex Sinclair

22 page Justice League of America story "Unlimted Chapter 3 Two Against Nature"

Characters Justice League [Superman; Black Lightning; cameos: Batman; Wonder Woman; Black Canary; Red Tornado; Vixen; Red Arrow; Hawkgirl; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Geo-Force]; Injustice League [Lex Luthor; Shaggy Man; Gorilla Grodd; Cheetah; Killer Frost; Joker; Parasite; Shadow Thief; Cheshire; Fatality]
Synopsis Taunted to rescue their teammates by Luthor, Superman and Black Lightning invade the Legion of Doom's headquarters. But even their powers and planning cannot defeat the army Luthor has put together.
Genre superhero
Script Dwayne McDuffie
Pencils Ed Benes
Inks Sandra Hope
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Rob Leigh