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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published July 1992
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.15 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Helen Stone; Paul Neary (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details - "The Origin of Hell's Angel"

Characters Hell's Angel [Shevaun Haldane]; X-Men [Cyclops; Wolverine]
Genre Superhero; Occult
Pencils Liam Sharp (signed)
Inks Liam Sharp (signed)

23 page Hell's Angel story "Hell's Angel"

Characters Hell's Angel [Shevaun Haldane] (first appearance; origin); X-Men [Beast [Henry McCoy]; Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Iceman [Bobby Drake]; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; Psylocke [Betsy Braddock]; Rogue [Anna Marie]; Storm [Ororo Munroe]; Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]; Darkangel; VILLAINS: Mephisto; Mys-Tech Corporation; Ranulph Haldane (dies)
Synopsis The origin of Hell's Angel.
Genre Superhero; Occult
Script Bernie Jaye
Pencils Geoff Senior
Inks Cam Smith
Colors Helen Nally
Letters Glib

1 page Bullpen Bulletins; Stan's Soapbox promo (ad from the publisher) "Bullpen Bulletins; Stan's Soapbox! [May 1992]"

Script Stan Lee; ?
Letters typeset
Notes Stan Lee column about how proud he is of the current batch of Marvel creators. Miscellaneous Marvel tidbits.