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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published February 2005
Cover Price 4.95 USD; 6.45 CAD
Pages 68
Editing Sean Taylor; Scott Hileman (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Yellow Jacket
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mike Grell
Inks Mike Grell

2 page credits

Synopsis Credits and title page.
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover and first page.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Catch a Shooting Star"

Synopsis Information on other books by Shooting Star Comics.
Letters Typeset

6 page story "Death Becomes Me"

Characters Axel King; Grim Reaper
Synopsis Axel King becomes the new Grim Reaper.
Genre Occult
Script Danny Donovan
Pencils Nat Jones
Inks Nat Jones
Letters Sean Taylor

8 page Rex Solomon story "A Voice in the Darkness"

Characters Rex Solomon
Synopsis Rex Solomon defeats the Jinn.
Genre Superhero
Script J. Morgan Neal; Gregg W. Noon
Pencils Robert Bavington
Inks Robert Bavington
Letters Tom Waltz

8 page Bedbug story "Quality Time"

Characters Bedbug; Terry; Scrapper; Rook; Captain Superior; F5; Kid Random; Mistress Mind; Blue Tiger
Synopsis Bedbug just wants to go home and visit his daughter.
Genre Superhero
Script Scott Rogers
Pencils Scott Rogers
Inks Scott Rogers
Letters Scott Rogers

8 page The Terribles story "Sharks Gotta Eat"

Characters Commander Royale
Synopsis The creation of a covert government group made up of criminals.
Genre Adventure
Script Todd Fox
Pencils Todd Fox
Inks Todd Fox
Letters Todd Fox

8 page Nick Landime story "Hawaiian Nick"

Characters Nick Landime; Madame Pele
Synopsis Nick Landime is saved by Madame Pele.
Genre Superhero
Script Erik Burnham
Pencils Erik Burnham; B. Clay Moore; J. Morgan Neal; Todd Fox
Inks Erik Burnham; B. Clay Moore; J. Morgan Neal; Todd Fox
Letters Erik Burnham
Notes Credits list "Special thanks to B. Clay More, J. Morgan Neal and Todd Fox". Unclear what exactly they did so credits are placed in Pencil/Ink fields for now.

8 page Ace Robinson story "Show Me a Hero"

Characters Ace Robinson
Synopsis Ace Robinson clears a bar of vampires.
Genre Superhero; Occult
Script Sean Taylor
Pencils George Pitcher III
Inks George Pitcher III
Letters Sean Taylor

8 page Shayara story

Genre Adventure
Script Shari Lipkin
Pencils Stacy Lucas
Inks Stacy Lucas
Letters Stacy Lucas

8 page Yellow Jacket story "The Fundamental Things Apply... As Time Goes By"

Characters Yellow Jacket
Synopsis Yellow Jacket fights a zombie.
Genre Superhero
Script Erik Burnham; Scott McCullar (Additional Narration)
Pencils Scott McCullar
Inks Scott McCullar
Letters Scott McCullar

1 page Shooting Star Letter Column letters page

Script John Morgan Neal
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside back cover.