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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published April 2004
Cover Price $4.95
Pages 68
Editing John Morgan Neal

Cover Details

Characters Fishnet Angel; Amber; Aym Geronimo; Yellowjacket; Time Meddlers; Bedbug
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jeff Moy
Inks W.C. Carani
Colors Scott McCullar

1 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword

Synopsis Table of Contents
Letters Typeset

8 page Fishnet Angel / Aym Geronimo & The Post Modern Pioneers story "Idol Hands"

Characters Fishnet Angel; Aym Geronimo
Synopsis Fishnet Angel and Aym Geronimo team up. Second part is last story of book.
Genre Superhero; Adventure
Script Sean Taylor (Plot); John Morgan Neal (Plot); Sean Taylor (Script)
Pencils J.P. Dupras
Inks J.P. Dupras
Letters Sean Taylor

8 page story "Video Game Gals"

Characters Amber; Ursula
Synopsis Amber fights Ursula in a video game.
Genre Superhero
Script Jeffrey Moy
Pencils Jeffrey Moy
Inks W.C. Carani
Letters Willie Schubert

5 page story "The Klansman Is Dead"

Characters Klansman
Genre Superhero
Script C. Adam Volle
Pencils Dustin Griffin
Inks Dustin Griffin
Letters Sean Taylor

1 page Nick Landmine story "If The Shirt Fits"

Genre Humor
Script Erik Burnham
Pencils Erik Burnham
Inks Erik Burnham
Letters Erik Burnham

8 page Melvin & Marvin Middler - Time Meddlers story "No Great Shakes"

Synopsis The Time Meddlers use their time machine to go back in time and try to make money. Various things like buying a case of Action Comics #1 off the back of a truck. Things don't work out.
Genre Humor
Script Michael Hutchison
Pencils Phil Meadows
Inks Phil Meadows
Letters Phil Meadows

8 page Yellowjacket story "The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful"

Characters Yellowjacket
Synopsis Yellowjacket gets in a bar fight.
Genre Superhero
Script Scott McCullar
Pencils Scott McCullar
Inks Scott McCullar; Rachel McCullar (Ink assist)
Letters Scott McCullar

8 page story "Zeus' Box Of Deciet"

Characters Promotheus; Zues; Hera; Thetis; Hephaestus; Pandora; Epimetheus
Synopsis Intrigue with the Greek Gods.
Genre Adventure
Script Sarah Beach
Pencils Erik Burnham
Inks Erik Burnham
Letters Erik Burnham

8 page Bedbug story "Game of Death"

Genre Adventure
Script Scott Rogers
Pencils Scott Rogers
Inks Scott Rogers
Letters Scott Rogers
Notes 'Find your own Adventure' story where you decide which panel to forward to.

8 page Amy Geronimo & The Post Modern Pioneers / Fishnet Angel story "Idol Mine"

Synopsis Fishnet Angel must decide to rescue the Idol or Aym Geronimo.
Genre Adventure; Superhero
Script John Morgan Neal (Plot & Script); Sean Taylor (Plot)
Pencils Todd Fox
Inks Todd Fox
Letters Todd Fox
Notes Continuation of the first story in the issue.

1 page letters page "Shooting Star Letter Column"