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Issue Details

Issue #329
Published February 1990
Frequency monthly except fortnightly June, July and August
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Glenn Herdling (Assistant Editor); Jim Salicrup (Editor); Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Introducing--The Tri-Sentinel"

Characters Spider-Man; Tri-Sentinel
Genre superhero
Pencils Erik Larsen
Inks Al Gordon
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Acts of Vengeance Omnibus (Marvel, 2010 series) #[nn]

22 page Spider-Man story "Power Prey!"

Characters FEATURE: Captain Universe [Spider-Man]; GUEST: Mary Jane Parker; VILLAINS: Sebastian Shaw; Graviton; Tri-Sentinel; CAMEOS: Loki; Felicia Hardy [Black Cat]; Flash Thompson
Synopsis Shaw's new Sentinels are transformed by Loki into the Tri-Sentinel and Spider-Man is imbued with the powers of Captain Universe to stop it; After the battle, Spidey loses his cosmic powers.
Genre superhero
Script David Michelinie
Pencils Erik Larsen
Inks Andy Mushynsky
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Rick Parker
Notes Acts of Vengeance crossover; For a complete checklist of the Acts of Vengeance issues, please see the cover notes for the story Prologue in Avengers Spotlight #26.
Reprinted in Acts of Vengeance Omnibus (Marvel, 2010 series) #[nn]