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Issue Details

Issue #40
Published February 2008
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Rachel Gluckstern
Notes Green Lantern's cape is miscolored (green instead of purple).

Cover Details - "Shadowplay!"

Characters Flash [Wally West]; Martian Manhunter; Wonder Woman; Batman; Zatanna; Dr. Fate; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]
Genre superhero
Pencils Zach Howard (signed)
Inks Zach Howard
Notes Green Lantern's cape is miscolored (green instead of purple).

20 page Justice League Unlimited story "Cast No Shadow"

Characters Zatanna; Dr. Fate; Flash [Wally West]; Batman; Martian Manhunter; Wonder Woman; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Shadow Thief; Warlock of Ys; Zatara
Synopsis The League is menaced by the Shadow Thief and his new ally, the Warlock of Ys, who has imprisoned Zatanna's father Zatara.
Genre superhero
Script Ben McCool
Pencils Dario Brizuela
Inks Dario Brizuela
Colors Heroic Age
Letters John J. Hill

1 page Let the Mail Begin! letters page

Characters Wonder Woman
Script ? (as Johnny DC)
Pencils ? (illo)
Inks ? (illo)
Colors ? (illo)
Letters typeset
Notes Art and letters submitted by Timothy McHale; Aaron Drake; Joshua Eckard; Ruben Gonzalez; Charlie Arinello