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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published [May 2003]
Cover Price 6.95 USD
Pages 52
Editing Sol Cohen (original cover editor); Bill Black (reprint editor); Mark Heike (associate reprint editor)

Cover Details

Characters Space Detective; Teena
Genre science fiction
Pencils Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood]
Inks Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood]
Letters typeset
Reprinted from Space Detective (Avon, 1951 series) #2

10 page story "Map of Doom."

Characters Beverly; her husband Carl
Synopsis Down through the ages, the leather-clad book lay dormant and unmoving... never hinting of the terror that lives in its yellowing pages! When prying hands unclasped the covers, catastrophe struck with a force never before imagined! Slowly the book of evil comes open!... Do not turn away -- look, my friend... look deeply into the map of doom. [per intro]
Genre horror
Pencils Joe Kubert (signed)
Inks Joe Kubert (signed)
Reprinted from Weird Horrors (St. John, 1952 series) #9 (October 1953).

8 page Captain Science story "Captain Science and the Insidious Doctor Khartoum"

Characters Captain Science; Doctor Khartoum; Klameth; Luana; Rip
Synopsis From the long forgotten temple of Klameth, hidden deep in the age-old fortress city of Btuh, rose a force that threatened to crush our modern civilization. Journeying backward in time, Captain Science, master of star-born knowledge and Rip, his young assistant, find a new way to conquer a power more dangerous than the atom bomb, and defeat the evil genius who would set it free, "The Insidious Doctor Khartoum"... [per intro]
Genre science fiction
Pencils Joe Orlando (signed); Wally Wood (signed)
Inks Joe Orlando (signed); Wally Wood (signed)
Letters typeset
Editing Adolphe Barreaux (original editor)
Reprinted from Captain Science (Youthful, 1950 series) #4 (June 1951).

6 page Jane Martin story "Jane Martin"

Characters Dr. John Range; Jane Martin; Jason Kirby; Mike; Olan Zenba
Synopsis Jason Kirby, famous Hollywood star who last year announced his retirement from the silver screen, has secretly purchased the movie rights to the best-selling novel "Consider the Beast". Take it from me, folks, the profile is trying for a comeback - and my bet is that he'll make it! [per intro]
Genre detective
Script ? [as F.E. Lincoln]
Pencils George Evans (signed)
Inks George Evans (signed)
Reprinted from Wings Comics (Fiction House, 1940 series) #108

5 page Captain Crewes story "Adrift In Space"

Characters Captain Crewes; General Larson (fb)
Synopsis Loneliness for Earth, fear and restlessness have plagued all space ship commanders ever since earthlings first embarked upon extensive space patrols! And sometimes the pressure erupts into the gravest problem of any commander... mutiny! [per intro]
Genre science fiction
Pencils Steve Ditko (signed)
Inks Steve Ditko (signed)
Reprinted from Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds (Charlton, 1956 series) #8 (June 1958).

6 page Desert Eagle story "Wheel of Fortune"

Characters Desert Eagle; Jack Burne; Miss Gray; her mother Mrs. Gray
Synopsis A lonely saddletramp roams the southwest, finding misfortune one day and fortune the next. Known to friend and foe as Desert Eagle, he follows the torturous trails where treachery lurks in many guises... and the whims of fate spur men to deeds of violence! [per intro]
Genre western
Pencils John Buscema
Inks John Buscema
Reprinted from The Hawk 3-D (St. John, 1953 series) #1 (November 1953).

6 page Torchy story "Torchy [The Man From Saturn Gig]"

Characters Torchy Todd
Synopsis Torchy is kidnapped by aliens from Saturn who turn out to be actors looking for publicity.
Genre humor
Script Bill Ward
Pencils Bill Ward
Inks Bill Ward
Editing George Brenner (original editor)
Reprinted from Modern Comics (Quality, 1945 series) #77 (September 1948).

6 page story "The House That Tried To Kill Me!"

Characters Willy Brommer; his wife Stella; his uncle Seth Brommer (in a portrait)
Synopsis I've had too many accidents in this cursed place! And they weren't planned by living men! I tell you, it's -- the house that tried to kill me! [per intro]
Genre horror
Pencils Mort Meskin
Inks Mort Meskin
Editing Joe Simon; Jack Kirby (original editors)
Reprinted from Black Magic (Prize, 1950 series) #v2 #2 [8] (December 1951-January 1952).