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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published February 2008
Frequency [none]
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 40
Editing Randy Stradley; Dave Marshall (assistant); Freddye Lins (assistant); Scott Cook (designer); Mike Richardson (publisher)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2008-02-27. Star Wars © 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. Credits acknowledge special thanks to Elaine Mederer, Jann Moorhead, David Anderman, Leland Chee, Sue Rostoni & Carol Roeder at Lucas Licensing.

Cover Details - "Last Stand of the Galactic Alliance!"

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Douglas Wheatley
Inks Douglas Wheatley
Colors Douglas Wheatley
Letters typeset

1 page Star Wars recap "Recap"

Genre Science Fiction
Script John Ostrander ?
Letters typeset
Notes Recap of story to date, creator credits and indicia.

22 page Star Wars story "Indomitable, Part One"

Characters Admiral Gar Stazi; Captain Jaius Yorub; Gial Gahan; Monia Gahan; Anj Dahl; Andurgo; Hondo Karr; Ronto; Commander Bey; Kol Skywalker (flashback); Rear Admiral Piers Petan (flashback); Nu Tureena (flashback); Bail Antilles (flashback); Admiral Sha Dun (death); Darth Azard; Admiral Dru Valan; Captain Hoge; Lt. Strom Dubrok; Niffla
Synopsis A new two-part story begins as one of the Sith's most wily opponents risks everything to gain ground against the Empire! For seven years, outlaw Admiral Gar Stazi has led the remains of the Galactic Alliance in hit-and-run operations against the Sith-led Empire. When word reaches him of a nearly completed, top-secret Imperial construction, he gambles his entire fleet to seize the project and turn the tide of war against the Sith! [per solicitation]
Genre Science Fiction
Script John Ostrander
Pencils Omar Francia
Inks Omar Francia
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Michael Heisler
Notes The events in this story take place approximately 137 years after the Battle of Yavin. The events in this story run concurrently with the events of issues 18-19.

1 page Star Wars; Wizard advertisement "Star Wars Miniatures Game"

Characters Cade Skywalker; Deliah Blue; Luke Skywalker; Han Solo; Darth Krayt; Darth Nihl; Darth Talon; Boba Fett
Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Jan Duursema ?
Notes Ad for Wizard Star Wars miniatures game.

1 page Star Wars Legacy letters page "Star Wars Legacy"

Characters Admiral Gar Stazi
Script Dave Marshall
Pencils Douglas Wheatley
Inks Douglas Wheatley
Colors Douglas Wheatley
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Lars Meyer and Gary Pickup - and responses from Dave Marshall. Preview of cover to Star Wars: Legacy #21.

1 page Horsepower promo (ad from the publisher) "Discover Dark Horse March 2008"

Characters Nicholas Gurewitch (photo); Emily the Strange
Script David Scroggy
Pencils ? (photo); ?
Inks ? (photo); ?
Colors ? (photo); ?
Letters typeset
Notes David Scroggy talks about the Dark Horse PVC set for the "The Return of the Gremlins" series.