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Issue Details

Issue #492
Published January 2008
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 3.05 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief); Nick Lowe (Editor); Will Panzo (Assistant Editor); Axel Alonso (Executive Editor)
Notes Rated T+

Cover Details - "Messiah Complex Chapter Two [Cover A]"

Characters Angel; Storm; Nightcrawler; Wolverine; Colossus
Genre Superhero
Pencils David Finch (signed)
Inks Danny Miki (signed)
Colors Frank D'Armata
Letters None; typeset
Notes Rated T+

Cover Details - "Messiah Complex Chapter Two [Cover B Variant Edition]"

Characters Cyclops; Storm; Nightcrawler; Wolverine; Colossus; Angel
Genre Superhero
Pencils Marc Silvestri
Inks Joe Weems
Colors Steve Firchow
Notes Rated T+

1 page Uncanny X-Men recap "Previously in Messiah Complex..."

Synopsis Recaps the storyline.
Genre Superhero
Colors Page design colors
Letters typeset
Notes Creator credits and indicia information. Background is a large red X against a black background.

22 page Uncanny X-Men story "Chapter Two"

Characters Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Emma Frost; Charles Xavier; Angel [Warren Worthington III]; Wolverine [Logan]; Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner]; Colossus [Piotr Rasputin]; Multiple Man [Jamie Madrox]; Rictor [Julio Richter]; Layla Miller; Beast [Hank McCoy]; VILLAINS: Gargouille; Neophyte; Exodus; Predator X
Genre Superhero
Script Ed Brubaker
Pencils Billy Tan
Inks Danny Miki; Allan Martinez
Colors Frank D'Armata
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Notes Cont. from X-Men: Messiah Complex #1; Continued in X-Factor #25 (2006 series).

1 page filler "Fury's Files"

Characters Nyx; Beast [Hank McCoy]; X-men [Silver Age]; X-men [Present]
Synopsis "Discovered in a decommissioned S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse, a list of little known facts about the X-Men was discovered that Nick Fury personally collected to be used or leveraged when necessary."
Genre Facts
Pencils Jack Kirby; John Cassaday; David Finch
Letters typeset
Notes Small illustrated capsules from the covers to X-Men #1 (1963) and X-Men Messiah Complex #1 (2008) adorn the bottom edge of the page. Additionally there are two small illustrated capsules of Beast and Nyx taken from unknown issues that adorn the right side of the page.

2 page New Exiles #1 promo (ad from the publisher) "Portfolio Review"

Characters New Exiles [Rogue; Mistiq; Kitty Pryde; Morph; Sabretooth; Psylocke]
Synopsis Presented is a behind-the-scenes look at what went into creating the new Exiles team from series artist Tom Grummett.
Genre Superhero
Script Tom Grummett
Pencils Tom Grummett (signed)
Inks Tom Grummett
Letters typeset

1 page Matt Fraction character profile "Look Who's Talking!"

Characters Iron Fist
Synopsis Interview with writer of IMMORTAL IRON FIST, Matt Fraction.
Genre Fact; interview
Script Marvel (interviewer); Matt Fraction (interviewee)
Pencils David Aja
Inks David Aja
Colors Matt Hollingsworth
Letters typeset
Notes Features a portion of the cover to issue #1 of IMMORTAL IRON FIST.

1 page filler "Questions That Need Answers!"

Characters Wasp; Kitty Pryde; Spider Woman [Jessica Drew]; Luke Cage; Psylocke; Mary Jane Watson; Squirrel Girl; Ms. Marvel; Dead Girl; Galactus; Clea; Mystique; Gambit
Synopsis If you could date a Marvel character, who would it be and why?
Script Various [see notes]
Pencils Various [see notes]
Inks Various [see notes]
Colors Various [see notes]
Letters typeset
Notes Fourteen writers and artists answered this question: J. Michael Straczynski, Marc Sumerak, Brian Reed, Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Slott, C.B. Cebulski, Joe Quesada, Frank Cho, Chris Yost, Fred Van Lente, Matt Fraction, Jeff Parker, Craig Kyle and Christian Strain. Additionally, the answers to this question is enhanced by a small illustrated capsule of the Marvel character in question. I can only identify the following artists: John Cassaday, David Finch, John Romita, Sr., Bryan Hitch, Frank Cho, MIke Allred.

21 page advertisement "Advertisements"

Notes Beowulf (game, Ubisoft); Friends aren't disposable (campaign, Above the Influence); Monster Jam (game, ActiVision); The Eye of Judgment (game, Sony Computer Entertainment); Enemy Territory Quake Wars (DVD-Rom software game, ActiVision); Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (game, ActiVision); Resistance: Fall of Man (game, Sony Computer Entertainment); Ratchet Clank Future (game, Insomniac Games); Gears of War (game, Epic Games); Conan (video game, THQ); 2008 Nissan Sentra (car, Nissan); Star Wars Battlefront (game, LucasArts); PSP (gameplayer, Sony Computer Entertainment); Age of Empires III (game, Ensemble Studios); Digital World (service, AT&T); Army Reserve (recruitment, U.S. Army)

1 page advertisement "House Advertisements"

Notes X-FACTOR #25; ULTIMATE IRON MAN (4-part limited series)

Half page filler "Statement of Ownership"

Letters typeset