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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published May 2008
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Molly Lazer

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Girl; Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]
Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Frenz (signed)
Inks Sal Buscema (signed)
Colors Paul Mounts

22 page Spider-Girl story "My Ally, My Enemy!"

Characters Spider-Girl [also appears as May Parker]; Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]; Crimelord [revealed as Mona Carlo]; Delilah; Cottonmouth; Man-Mountain Marko; Fancy Dan [Daniel Brito]; Mindworm; Deadspot; Peter Parker; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Benjamin Richard Parker; Wes Westin; Davida Kirby; Gene Thompson; Charlie Kunkle; Captain Margarita Ruiz; Detective Vinnie Drasco (cameo)
Synopsis The Crimelord intends to auction off the Kingpin's secret files to the highest bidder, but the Hobgoblin and Spider-Girl find themselves on the same side in trying to break up the gathering of gang leaders. The police arrive to arrest most of the participants and the Crimelord turns out to be Mona Carlo, who never had the files after all.
Genre superhero
Script Tom DeFalco; Ron Frenz (Co-Plot)
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Sal Buscema
Colors Bruno Hang
Letters Dave Sharpe

1 page Mayday's Mailbox letters page

Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Ron Frenz (illustration)
Inks Sal Buscema (illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes Letters submitted by Marcus Sarzalejo; John Dillon; Arthur Brito; Gerry Shannon; Sean Foley. Page includes cover art from the following issue (#19).

1 page text article "Look Who's Talking"

Synopsis Interview with writer Marc Guggenheim about his work on Amazing Spider-Man, Young X-Men, and television scripts.
Pencils ? (photograph)
Inks ? (photograph)
Colors ? (photograph)
Letters typeset