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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published April 2008
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 3.65 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Schreck; Brandon Montclare (assistant)
Notes Two covers were done for this issue; one by Lee/Williams featuring Batman and Robin, and an alternate one by Adams featuring Batman, Robin, and Green Lantern (10 issues for 1 issue mixture). This issue went on sale 2008-02-27 (on schedule).

Cover Details

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jim Lee (signed)
Inks Scott Williams (signed)
Colors Alex Sinclair (signed)
Notes This cover is an homage to Batman (DC, 1940 series) #9 (February-March 1942) by Jack Burnley.

Cover Details - "Variant Cover"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams
Colors Alex Sinclair
Notes For every 10 copies of the standard edition, retailers were allowed to order one copy of the variant edition.

22 page Batman and Robin story "Episode Nine"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]
Synopsis Batman and Green Lantern confront each other at one of Batman's safe houses. Batman's had Robin paint everything in it yellow, including themselves, so Green Lantern's ring can't operate on any of it. Green Lantern confronts Batman over the missing Dick Grayson, saying Batman kidnapped him and made him into Robin. Batman notes that Grayson was just "found", and held a news conference the day before. Green Lantern finally gives up on the discussion, and starts to leave, but then is told his ring is missing, and Robin has it. Green Lantern tries to retrieve it, and spars with Robin. Robin toys with him, and finally performs a fatal move on him, crushing his windpipe. Batman sees that, throws Robin out of the way, and performs an emergency tracheotomy on GL to save his life, revealing his identity in the process. They stay until the ambulance arrives. The incident has shaken up both of them. Batman realizes he has rushed things with Robin. He had years to train and perfect himself; Robin has not. He's had years to grieve the loss of his parents; Robin hasn't even had time to start. Batman decides to rectify that, takes him to a graveyard, and tells him to find his parents. Robin does, and they both mourn.
Genre Superhero
Script Frank Miller
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Scott Williams
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Jared K. Fletcher
Notes Story continued from previous issue and continues in the next issue. "Special thanks to Brian Azzarello".

6 page DC/Wildstorm Dreamwar promo (ad from the publisher) "Special Sneak Preview!"

Characters Majestic; Teen Titans [Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Raven; Cyborg; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Changeling]
Genre Superhero
Script Keith Giffen
Pencils Mike McKone; Lee Garbett
Inks Mike McKone; Trevor Scott
Colors Randy Mayor
Letters Rob Leigh
Editing Scott Peterson; Kristy Quinn (assistant)
Notes Cover and five pages of DC/WS DreamWar (DC, 2008 series) #1 (June 2008), which came out six weeks after this issue.

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "#102 [February 27, 2008]"

Script Rachel Gluckstern
Notes Rachel previews the new Super Friends book for younger readers. Ads for next issue, Countdown #9, Legion of Super-Heroes #56, and Teen Titans #56. Appears on page 34 in this issue.

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "House Advertisement"

Notes House ad for: Wonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman? hardcover (1/2 page). Appears on page 27 in this issue.

5 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 3 one-page, 1 half-page, and 1 two-page ads for: Lost Via Domus (video game, Ubisoft), God of War Chains of Olympus (video game, Sony Entertainment, 2 pages), The Signal (movie, Magnolia Pictures, 1/2 page), New York ComicCon (comic convention, Read Exhibitions), and Lost Odyssey (video game, Mistwalker). Appear in various places in this issue.