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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published June 2008
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Nathan Cosby; Mark Paniccia (Consulting Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Mr. Fantastic; Thing; Orrgo; agents of AIM
Genre superhero
Pencils Graham Nolan
Inks Graham Nolan
Colors Brad Anderson

22 page Fantastic Four story "Go One Way Orrgo Another"

Characters Thing; Human Torch; Invisible Woman; Mr. Fantastic; Orrgo; Chili Storm; agents of AIM [Advanced Idea Mechanics]
Genre superhero
Script Paul Tobin
Pencils David Nakayama
Inks Cory Hamscher
Colors Wil Quintana
Letters Nate Piekos

1 page Mini Marvels story "Conspicuous Invasion (Part 1)"

Characters Skrulls
Synopsis A Skrull spaceship gets the word that they will be invading Earth.
Genre superhero; humor
Script Chris Giarrusso
Pencils Chris Giarrusso
Inks Chris Giarrusso
Colors Chris Giarrusso
Letters Chris Giarrusso
Notes Story title taken from collected reprint.
Reprinted in Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion (Marvel, 2009 series) #[nn]