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Issue Details

Issue #25
Published July 2008
Cover Price 3.99 USD; 4.05 USD
Pages 52
Editing John Barber; Aubrey Sitterson (assistant editor); Axel Alonso (group editor)

Cover Details

Characters Wolverine; Deadpool; Daken
Genre superhero
Pencils Simone Bianchi
Inks Simone Bianchi
Colors Simone Peruzzi

1 page Wolverine Origins recap "Wolverine Origins"

Script Daniel Way ?
Pencils Steve Dillon
Inks Steve Dillon
Letters typeset
Notes This page contains a recap of the story so far with an accompanying illustration.

22 page Wolverine story "The Deep End Conclusion"

Characters Wolverine; Deadpool; Daken; Winter Soldier (cameo); White Queen (cameo)
Genre superhero
Script Daniel Way
Pencils Steve Dillon
Inks Steve Dillon
Colors Matt Milla [as Avalon's Matt Milla]
Letters Cory Petit [as VC's Cory Petit]

23 page New Mutants story "The Beginning of the End Part One"

Genre superhero
Script Rob Liefeld (plot); Fabian Nicieza
Pencils Rob Liefeld
Inks Rob Liefeld
Colors Steve Buccellato
Letters Joe Rosen
Reprinted from New Mutants, The (Marvel, 1983 series) #98