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Issue Details

Issue #234
Published August 1983
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Carlin (Assistant Editor); Mark Gruenwald (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Seasons of the Witch!"

Characters the Avengers [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Quicksilver; the Scarlet Witch; Thor [Donald Blake]; the Vision; the Wasp]; Bova; Cyclops; the High Evolutionary; Magneto
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Milgrom (signed)
Inks Joe Sinnott (signed)
Letters Rick Parker?

1 page Scottie advertisement "A Cracker Jack Story [Basketball Story]"

Characters Scottie
Genre children; sports
Notes Inside front cover. Comic strip ad for the Cracker Jack snack from Borden.

22 page The Avengers story "The Witch's Tale!"

Characters Agatha Harkness (flashback); the Avengers [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Captain Marvel [Monica Rambeau]; the Falcon (flashback); Hawkeye; Iron Man (flashback); Moondragon (flashback); Ms. Marvel (flashback); Quicksilver (flashback); the Scarlet Witch; She-Hulk; Starfox; Thor; the Vision; the Wasp; Wonder Man (flashback)]; Bova (flashback); Crystal (flashback); Django Maximoff (flashback); Doctor Doom (flashback); Doctor Strange; Edwin Jarvis; the High Evolutionary (flashback); Immortus (flashback); Luna (flashback); Magda (flashback); Magneto (flashback); Sheila Danning; the Stranger (flashback); the Toad (flashback); the X-Men [Angel; the Beast; Cyclops; Iceman; Marvel Girl] (flashback)
Synopsis Origin of the Scarlet Witch retold in detail.
Genre superhero
Script Roger Stern
Pencils Al Milgrom [as Allen Milgrom] (breakdowns); Joe Sinnott (finished art)
Inks Joe Sinnott
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Jim Novak
Notes Continued in Doctor Strange #60.

1 page advertisement "Star Frontiers"

Synopsis An alien entity travels all the way to Earth to purchase the Star Frontiers role playing game.
Genre science fiction; humor
Pencils Larry Elmore (signed)
Inks Larry Elmore (signed)
Notes Comic strip ad for the Star Frontiers role playing game from TSR Hobbies, Inc..

1 page letters page "Avengers Assemble!"

Script various
Letters typeset
Notes Letters on The Avengers #229; Question of the Month "If you could have one super-power, what would it be?" asked to Stern, Milgrom, Sinnott, Novak, Scheele, Carlin, Gruenwald and Shooter; Announcements Section.