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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published October 2008
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 2.99 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Matt Idelson; Nachie Castro (associate)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2008-08-13. Copyright © 2008 DC Comics.

Cover Details - "Ends of the Earth Finale"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Lord D'Grth
Genre Superhero
Pencils Aaron Lopresti
Inks Aaron Lopresti

22 page Wonder Woman story "Ends of the Earth, Finale"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Beowulf; Stalker; Claw [Valcan]; Tom Tresser [Nemesis]; Donna Troy; Sarge Steel; Tolifhar; Rhanda; Ernie Schneider; Jaime; Oracle, the Witch Queen; Lord D'Grth (villain)
Synopsis "Wonder Woman returns from the darkest corners of the DCU, and she's brought something nasty back with her! And will Diana fall at the scene of her Amazon sisters' greatest tragedy?" [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Gail Simone
Pencils Aaron Lopresti
Inks Matt Ryan
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Travis Lanham

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "DC Nation 126"

Characters Crusader; Batman [Bruce Wayne]
Script Dan Didio
Letters typeset
Notes Dan Didio talks about licensing the Archie superhero characters. The Hot List - Action Comics #868, Final Crisis: Revelations #1 and Wonder Woman #23. House ad for Wonder Woman #24.