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Issue Details

Issue #24
Published November 2008
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Tom Brennan

Cover Details - "Brand New May [Part 5]"

Characters Spider-Girl [May Parker]; Clone May Parker; Peter Parker; Normie Osborn; Kaine; Sisterhood of Mutants [Magneta; Impact; Pirouette; Nucleus]
Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Frenz (signed)
Inks Sal Buscema (signed)
Colors Paul Mounts (signed)

22 page Spider-Girl story "My Enemy, Myself!"

Characters Spider-Girl [also appears as May Parker]; Clone May Parker; Fury [Goblin Queen]; Sisterhood of Mutants [Nucleus [Sara Hingle]; Magneta; Pirouette; Impact]; X-People [Jubilee; Push [Nancy Lu]; Spanner; Simian; Angry Eagle; Torque]; Dr. Eve Manning; Peter Parker; Normie Osborn; Brenda Drago Osborn; Davida Kirby; Wes Westin; Gene Thompson; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Benjamin Richard Parker
Synopsis The clone faces off against May, accusing May of stealing her life. Unknown to everyone else, Fury kidnaps Peter. Later, while the X-People battle Nucleus, an explosion leaves Spider-Girl buried under rubble, and the clone returns home to Mary Jane and Benjy pretending to be the real May.
Genre superhero
Script Tom DeFalco; Ron Frenz (Co-Plot)
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Sal Buscema
Colors Bruno Hang
Letters Dave Sharpe

1 page Mayday's Mailbox letters page

Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Colleen Coover; Ron Frenz (illustrations)
Inks Sal Buscema ? (illustration)
Colors ? (illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes Letters submitted by Alan John Wilkinson; Matt Kayser; Jeff Ghearing; Aaron Scorringe; William Smith; John Koerner Page includes pencil sketch by Coover and cover art for the following issue (#25).