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Issue Details

Issue #41
Published December 2008
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Nathan Cosby

Cover Details

Characters Thing [Ben Grimm]; Devil Dinosaur
Genre superhero
Pencils Clayton Henry
Inks Clayton Henry ?

22 page Fantastic Four story "The Collectible Red Variant"

Characters Thing [Ben Grimm]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Invisible Woman [Susan Storm]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Devil Dinosaur; Moon Boy; the Collector
Synopsis The Thing befriends Devil Dinosaur, who has been taken from the Savage Land and placed in a zoo. After the Fantastic Four drives away the Collector (who claims to have won the creature in an online auction), the Thing arranges for Devil Dinosaur to be returned home.
Genre superhero
Script Paul Tobin
Pencils David Hahn
Inks David Hahn
Colors Andrew Dalhouse
Letters Nate Piekos

1 page Sentry promo (ad from the publisher) "Far-Out Taste!"

Characters Sentry; Cranio
Synopsis The Sentry distributes Marvel Fruit Pies to counteract the effects of Cranio's Hypnotron.
Genre superhero; satire
Script Jordan D. White
Pencils Ramon Rosanas
Inks Ramon Rosanas
Letters Dave Lanphear
Editing Mark Paniccia
Notes Fake ad for Marvel Fruit Pies; in actuality a promo for the limited series Age of the Sentry (Marvel, 2008 series).

1 page Mini Marvels story "Conspicuous Invasion (part 14)"

Characters Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Thing; Invisible Woman; Human Torch]; Super-Skrull
Synopsis Mr. Fantastic comes up with a plan and an invention to defeat the Super-Skrull.
Genre superhero; humor
Script Chris Giarrusso
Pencils Chris Giarrusso
Inks Chris Giarrusso
Colors Chris Giarrusso
Letters Chris Giarrusso
Notes Story title taken from reprint collection.
Reprinted in Mini Marvels: Secret Invasion (Marvel, 2009 series) #[nn]