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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published December 2008
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mark Paniccia; Jordan White (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Shadowcat [Cat Pryde]
Genre superhero
Pencils Michael Golden
Inks Michael Golden
Colors Michael Golden (?)
Letters Typeset

1 page Exiles recap "[Roster and Recap] "

Genre superhero
Pencils Various
Inks Various
Colors Various
Letters Typeset

22 page Exiles story "Wild Child!"

Characters FEATURE: Exiles--Sabretooth; Shadowcat [Cat Pryde]; VILLAINS: Madame Hydra [Susan Storm]; Wolverine; Slaymaster; Venger; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Professor X; Sage; White Queen [Emma Frost]; Cyclops; Shadow King
Synopsis Cat saves Sabretooth from Madame Hydra and her killer goons and defeats Wolverine in single combat to do so.
Genre superhero
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils Paco Diaz Luque
Inks Norberto Fernandez
Colors Wil Quintana
Letters Tom Orzechowski