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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published August 2008
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD; 2.99 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Schreck; Brandon Montclare (assistant)
Notes Two covers were done for this issue; one by Lee/Williams featuring Batman and Robin in the Batcave, and an alternate one by Quitely featuring Batman and Robin on a building (10 issues for 1 issue mixture). A printing of this book (both covers) was prepared for release on 2008-09-10. That printing was already in the distribution chain before DC noticed a printing problem (see the Notes for the story sequence), and decided to ask (via an advisory from Diamond Comics on 2008-09-08) that retailers destroy any copies that they receive for replacement copies. This was followed up with a press release the next day (2008-09-09) that only said that this book "will not be going on sale this coming Wednesday, as previously scheduled", but instead "will ship 9/17 for an in store date of 9/24". However, many copies that were received by retailers on 2008-09-10 were distributed to the general public anyway. The official copies of this issue went on sale 2008-09-24 (over four months late from the solicited shipping date of this issue). In addition, on 2008-09-30 DC announced that there were problems scanning the UPC on both the standard and variant editions, and that retailers could download the corrected UPC at the Diamond Comic Distributors retailer webpage.

Cover Details

Characters Batman; Robin
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jim Lee (signed)
Inks Scott Williams (signed)
Colors Alex Sinclair (signed)

Cover Details - "Variant Cover"

Characters Batman; Robin
Genre Superhero
Pencils Frank Quitely (signed)
Inks Frank Quitely (signed)
Colors Alex Sinclair
Notes For every 10 copies of the standard edition, retailers were allowed to order one copy of the variant edition.

22 page Batman and Robin story "Episode Ten"

Characters Batman; Robin; Jim Gordon; Catwoman; Officer Stavros (cameo); Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Black Canary; Officer Merkel (cameo); Mrs. Barbara Gordon (cameo)
Synopsis Catwoman, seriously injured, passes word on to Batman through a cop and then Jim Gordon. Batman and Robin find her, signaling Alfred to come get them in a chopper. Batgirl raids drug haven masked as an arcade. Black Canary raids another crime haven, taking some money from it, and then torching the place (with unconscious people inside). Captain Gordon's wife Barbara has been in a car accident after drinking too much at a bar, and is taken to the hospital in serious condition. Batgirl, having started a riot, tries to intervene, but is arrested. Gordon, after leaving the hospital, confronts his daughter, and then calls Sarah for support.
Genre Superhero
Script Frank Miller
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Scott Williams
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Jared K. Fletcher
Notes Story continued from previous issue and continues in the next issue. Writer Frank Miller had requested all the issue's profanity be lettered in, and then covered with a black bar. In the first printing, however, the black bars were transparent enough to read the offensive language, so DC decided to have that printing destroyed and a new printing created and distributed. The only difference between the two printings is the black bars being printed either transparently or opaquely, and one other change that was snuck in: in the Trinity house ad page, in the lower left corner, there are supposed to be three logos: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These were printed fine in the first printing, but in the new printing, someone put a black bar over the Batman logo.

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "#130 [September 10, 2008]"

Script Ian Sattler
Notes Ian talks about Batman: Cacophony, written by Kevin Smith, and how the existence of it was kept secret until the San Diego Comic-Con. Ads for next issue, DC Universe: Decisions #1, Final Crisis: Revelations #2, and Trinity #15. Appears on page 34 in this issue.

6 page promo (ad from the publisher) "House Advertisements"

Notes House ads for: Final Crisis (October 2008 checklist), Trinity, The Real Power of the DC Universe (DC women, 2 pages), Superman: Kryptonite hardcover, and Terror Titans. Appear in various places in this issue.

6 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 4 one-page and 1 two-page ads for: Disturbed Indestructible (CD, Hot Topic), When the Entire World is Counting on You, It's Best to Come Prepared (recruitment, US Navy), God Of War Chains of Olympus (video game, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2 pages), dew Action Sports tour (NBC Sports), and Hellboy The Science of Evil (video game, Konami). Appear in various places in this issue.