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Issue Details

Issue #124
Published February 2009
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mark Paniccia; Jordan D. White (Assistant Editor)
Notes Colorist is credited on the inside.

Cover Details - "Love & War Part Four"

Characters Hercules; Atlas (hand only)
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bob Layton (signed)
Inks Bob Layton (signed)
Colors ? [Guru FX]
Notes Colorist is credited on the inside.

22 page Hercules story "The Weight of the World Part Four of Love & War"

Characters George Washington; Atlas; Queen Artume; Amadeus Cho; Delphyne; Hippolyta; Hercules; Namora; Sub-Mariner [Namor] (illusion); Phoenix (?); X-23; Invisible Woman; Spider-Girl
Synopsis "Hercules, Namora and Athena rush to Washington, D.C., to stop the Mad Amazon Artume from shifting the Axis Mundi and placing the whole world under her control. But now Artume has both Amadeus Cho and the mightiest of the Titans, ATLAS, at her beck and call -- and Atlas hasn't forgiven Herc for ripping him off during the Eleventh Labor!" [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Greg Pak; Fred Van Lente
Pencils Clayton Henry
Inks Salva Espin
Colors Raúl Trevino; ? [as Guru eFX]; Lee Roughridge
Letters Chris Eliopoulos [as VC's Chris Eliopoulos]

1 page Hercules promo (ad from the publisher) "Next Issue! She-Vengers She-Ssemble!"

Characters Hercules; Phoenix (?); Invisible Woman; X-23; Spider-Girl
Genre Superhero
Letters typeset
Notes Preview of next issue.