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Issue Details

Issue #126
Published April 2009
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 52
Editing Mark Paniccia; Jordan D. White (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Hercules
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ed McGuinness [as Edex]
Inks Dexter Vines [as Edex]
Colors ? [Guru FX]

22 page Hercules story "Prince of Power"

Synopsis The origin of Hercules.
Genre Superhero
Script Fred Van Lente (Plot & Script); Greg Pak (Plot)
Pencils Rodney Buchemi
Inks Greg Adams
Colors Val Staples
Letters Joe Caramagna [as VC's Joe Caramagna]

5 page Hercules text article "And Thus Began the Saga of The Incredible Hercules"

Genre Superhero
Pencils {Various}
Inks {Various}
Colors {Various}
Letters Typeset
Notes The story of Hercules, illustrated with 19 panels taken from various comics.

10 page story "The Search for Kirby"

Characters Amadeus Cho; Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Angel (flashback); Hercules (flashback); Kirby (fox)
Synopsis Cho tries to get Banner to help him locate his fox, Kirby.
Genre Superhero
Script Greg Pak; Fred Van Lente
Pencils Takeshi Miyazawa
Inks Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors Christina Strain
Letters Joe Caramagna [as VC's Joe Caramagna]

1 page Hercules promo (ad from the publisher) "Next Issue!"

Characters Hercules; Amadeus Cho; Athena (?)
Genre Superhero
Pencils David Williams (signed)
Inks David Williams (signed)
Letters Typeset
Notes Preview of next issue's cover art. Also: Hulk #10, Skaar: Son of HGulk #8 and Hulk: Broken Worlds Book One.