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Issue Details

Issue #30
Published May 2009
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Elisabeth V. Gehrlein; Sean Ryan (associate)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2009-03-25. Copyright © 2009 DC Comics.

Cover Details - "Rise of the Olympian [Cover A]"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Zeus; Achilles
Genre Superhero
Pencils Aaron Lopresti (signed)
Inks Aaron Lopresti (signed)
Colors Brian Miller [of Hi-Fi] (signed)

Cover Details - "Rise of the Olympian [Cover B - Variant Cover]"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Josh Middleton
Inks Josh Middleton
Colors Josh Middleton
Notes 1:10 variant cover.

22 page Wonder Woman story "Rise of the Olympian, Part 5: Songs My Sisters Will Sing"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Etta Candy; Steve Trevor; Queen Hippolyta; Phillipus; Akila; Olympians; Achilles; Zeus; Cheetah [Barbara Minerva] (villain); Crime Doctor (flashback; villain); Felix Faust (villain); Genocide (origin; villain); Phobia [Angela Hawkins III]; Shrapnel [Mark] (villain); T. O. Morrow (villain)
Synopsis "Created by Zeus himself, the Olympian is charged with spreading the message of peace and unity throughout the world - by any means necessary. Is a battered and bruised Wonder Woman up to the challenge of stopping his brutal ways? And does the world even want her to? All this plus a surprising revelation about the true origin of Genocide, the creature that beat Wonder Woman!" [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Gail Simone
Pencils Aaron Lopresti
Inks Matt Ryan
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Travis Lanham

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "DC Nation [158]: [George Perez Day]"

Characters Dan Didio (photo); George Perez (photo)
Script Dan Didio
Pencils ? (photo); ?
Inks ? (photo); ?
Colors ? (photo); ?
Letters typeset
Notes Dan Didio talks about the mayor of Orange County, Florida declaring February 28th George Perez Day. House ad for Wonder Woman #31.