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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published June 2009
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Brian Cunningham; Rex Ogle (Assistant Editor)
Notes Cover art credits from solicitation.

Cover Details

Characters Wildstar
Genre Superhero
Pencils Andy Clarke
Inks Andy Clarke
Notes Cover art credits from solicitation.

22 page R.E.B.E.L.S. story "A World of Hurt"

Characters Wildstar; Vril Dox; Black Hoof; Chief Night Sky; Tribulus; Silica; Strata; Bounder; Omega Men [Tigorr; Doc; Broot; Elu; Darkfire [Ryand'r]]; Astrild Storm-Daughter
Synopsis Vril Dox transforms Wildfire into a being composed of anti-energy, then the pair head to Cairn, where they recruit two more to the cause. Meanwhile, on Maltus the Omega Men find out who has taken over L.E.G.I.O.N.
Genre Superhero
Script Tony Bedard
Pencils Andy Clarke
Inks Andy Clarke
Colors Jose Villarrubia
Letters Steve Wands [as Swands]

5 page Animal Man promo (ad from the publisher) "The Last Days of Animal Man Preview: Last Days, Part One: Deny"

Characters Animal Man [Buddy Baker]; Bloodrage; Ellen Baker
Synopsis During a fight with Bloodrage, Animal Man loses his ability to tap the powers of animals.
Genre Superhero
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Chris Batista
Inks Dave Meikis
Colors Mike Atiyeh
Letters Clem Robins
Editing Joey Cavalieri; Chris Conroy (Assistant Editor)
Reprinted from Last Days of Animal Man, The (2009 series) #1 [preview excerpt]