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Issue Details

Issue #14
Published October 2009
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 52
Editing Matt Idelson; Wil Moss (assistant editor)
Notes This issue went on sale 2009-08-19 (on schedule). This issue has a Red Shield on it that is usually used for a continuity number, but has a black Superman S in it instead of a number.

Cover Details - "The Secret Origin of Mon-El and His World!"

Characters Mon-El; Clark Kent; Dax-Am
Genre Superhero
Pencils Renato Guedes (signed)
Inks Renato Guedes (signed)

38 page Mon-El story "The History Lesson"

Characters Mon-El; Mitch; Doctor Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; The Guardian [Jim Harper clone]; Tellus (hands only); Captain Nazi (cameo); Steel [John Henry Irons] (cameo); Dax-Am (intro); Lon-Am (flashback); Zax Vane (flashback); Van Toth (flashback); Juyu (flashback); Bal Gand (flashback); Eradicator (flashback); Sorrow Cult (flashback); Van (flashback); Clark Kent (flashback); Krypton; Daxam
Synopsis Someone has given Mon-El red crystals that can show him the past on his planet, Daxam. Using them, he finds out his planet's history starts on Krypton. The people there spread beyond their planet, expanding in conquest and colonization. One such traveler was Dax-Am, who colonized the planet Daxam. In combination with the natives, the new society grew, and eventually reached for the stars themselves, but not in conquest, rather in trust. One traveler came to Earth, and fell in love with an Aztec man, but returned to Daxam carrying their child. Years passed, and many on Daxam started to fear the stars, but not descendants of the female traveler. Wars were fought, and most people ended up fearing other worlds. But at the time of Lar Gand, some did not fear, but had to meet in secret. Two such people were Lar and his friend Van, who even found a rocket ship; the female travelers craft (still working). But they were betrayed, and Van was captured and Lar forced to flee in the rocket. The ship still had programmed into it a course to Earth, which Lar follows, crashing at the Kent farm where he is found by Clark Kent. Mon-El now realizes that the female traveler was his ancestor; he has Earth blood in him.
Genre Superhero
Script James Robinson
Pencils Javier Pina
Inks Javier Pina
Colors ? [as Hi-Fi]
Letters Travis Lanham
Notes Story continued from Superman (DC, 2006 series) #690.

5 page Superman promo (ad from the publisher) "Secret Origin Book One: The Boy of Steel"

Characters Clark Kent; Lana Lang; Lex Luthor; Kryptonite
Genre Superhero
Script Geoff Johns
Pencils Gary Frank
Inks Jon Sibal
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Steve Wands
Editing Matt Idelson; Wil Moss (assistant editor)
Reprinted from Superman: Secret Origin (DC, 2009 series) #1 [preview of pages 29-33].

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "And the DC Nation 2009 Tour Rolls On! [August 19, 2009]"

Script Ian Sattler
Notes Ian talks about attending Fan Expo Canada in Toronto and the DC guests that will be there. Appears on page 45 in this issue.

7 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 7 one-page ads for: FreeRealms (online game, Sony Online Entertainment), got milk? with Danica Patrick (milk, America's Milk Processors), abovetheinfluence (Partnership for a Drug-Free America), Batman Arkham Asylum (video game and strategy guide, BradyGames), DewTour (Action Sports tour, NBC Sports), Heck (books, Random House Children's Books), and Batman Arkham Asylum (video game, BradyGames). Appear in various places in this issue.