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Issue Details

Issue #37
Published November 2009
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Eddie Berganza; Adam Schlagman (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Justice League of America [Firestorm; Wonder Woman; Superman; Vixen; Plastic Man]; Amos Fortune; Roulette
Genre superhero
Pencils Joe Prado (signed)
Inks Joe Prado (signed)
Colors David Curiel (signed)

22 page Justice League of America story "Royal Pain Chapter Three: Dead Man's Hand!"

Characters Justice League of America [Vixen; Plastic Man; Dr. Light; Wonder Woman; Red Tornado; Firestorm; Superman (in flashback only)]; Professor Amos Fortune (appears to die in this story); Roulette; Royal Flush Gang; the Key; Enid Markhan
Synopsis It's the end of the game as Amos Fortune activates all of his Royal Flush Gangs -- one for each suit -- against Roulette's Justice League. But all of his planning and cheating cannot deter the heroes.
Genre superhero
Script Len Wein
Pencils Tom Derenick
Inks Dan Green; Mario Alquiza; Jonathon Glapion; Rob Hunter; Waiden Wong
Colors Pete Pantazis
Letters Rob Leigh

1 page Justice League of America advertisement "A New Era Begins!"

Characters Justice League of America [Batman [Dick Grayson]; Congorilla; Mon-El; Troia [Donna Troy]; Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Starfire; Cyborg; The Atom [Ray Palmer]; Guardian; Dr. Light]
Genre superhero
Pencils Mark Bagley
Notes A preview picture of the new team starting next issue. James Robinson is the announced writer.