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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published November 2009
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Rosemann (Editor); Michael Horwitz (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Hulk [Bruce Banner] (Earth Z; zombie); Spider-Man (Zombie Universe; zombie); Wolverine (Earth Z; zombie); Iron Man [Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes] (Earth Z; zombie)
Genre Superhero; Monsters
Pencils Arthur Suydam
Inks Arthur Suydam

1 page Marvel Zombies recap "Previously"

Characters Hulk [Bruce Banner] (Earth Z; zombie)
Genre Superhero; Monsters
Pencils Richard Elson
Inks Richard Elson
Colors Matt Milla
Letters Simon Bowland

24 page Marvel Zombies story "What's my number one?"

Characters Avengers (Earth Z) [Sentry (zombie); Moon Knight (zombie, destroyed); Quasar (zombie, destroyed); Thundra (zombie; destroyed); Sub-Mariner (zombie); Quicksilver (zombie, destroyed)]; Super-Skrull (zombie)]; Wasp [Janet Pym] (Zombie Universe; zombie; destroyed); Luke Cage (Zombie Universe; zombie; destroyed); Black Panther (Zombie Universe; zombie; destroyed); Giant-Man [Hank Pym] (Zombie Universe; zombie; destroyed); Professor X (Earth Z; zombie); New Avengers [Hulk [Bruce Banner] (Earth Z; zombie; destroyed); Spider-Man (Zombie Universe; zombie; destroyed); Wolverine (Earth Z; zombie; destroyed); Iron Man [Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes] (Earth Z)]; Kitty Pryde (Earth Z, death); Sandman (Earth Z); Watcher [Uatu] (Earth Z)
Synopsis In the future everyone on Earth Z has been killed but Iron Man [Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes]. The Zombie Universe’s Spider-Man has managed to survive and teams up with Iron Man, zombie Wolverine and zombie Hulk to attack the surviving zombies. During their battle the Watcher appears and everyone ends up destroyed but the Sentry and Uatu. He claims to contain the Sentry so that he never ends up contaminating anyone.
Genre Superhero; Monsters
Script Fred Van Lente
Pencils Wellinton Alves
Inks Scott Hanna
Colors Guru Efx
Letters Simon Bowland