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Issue #514
Published October 2009
Frequency monthly except semi-monthly in June and August
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Nick Lowe; Daniel Ketchum (associate); Axel Alonso (executive); Tom Brevoort (executive); Joe Quesada (editor in chief); Dan Buckley (publisher); Alan Fine (executive producer); Rian Hughes (cover design)
Notes Office of Publication: 417 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY and at additional mailing offices. © 2009 Marvel Characters, Inc. Subscription prices (12 issues): U.S. 27.00 USD; Canada 37.00 USD; Foreign 39.00 USD. U.S. on-sale date: 2009-08-12 2nd printing U.S. on-sale date: 2009-09-23

Cover Details - "Utopia: Chapter Four [Dodson cover]"

Characters Dark X-Men [Emma Frost; Cloak [Tyrone Johnson]; Dagger [Tandy Bowen]; Namor; Wolverine [Daken Akihiro]]
Genre superhero
Pencils Terry Dodson (signed)
Inks Rachel Dodson (signed)
Colors Justin Ponsor ?

Cover Details - "Utopia: Chapter Four [Bianchi variant cover]"

Characters X-23 [Laura Kinney]; Hawkeye [Bullseye]
Genre superhero
Pencils Simone Bianchi (signed)
Inks Simone Bianchi (signed); Andrea Silvestri (signed)
Colors Simone Peruzzi (signed)

Cover Details - "Utopia [Chapter Four] [second printing variant]"

Characters Emma Frost; Cyclops [Scot Summers]; Pixie [Megan Gwynn]; Psylocke [Betsy Braddock]; Wolverine [Logan]; Wolverine [Daken Akihiro]; Cloak [Tyrone Johnson]; Dagger [Tandy Bowen]
Genre superhero
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson
Colors Justin Ponsor

1 page Dark Avengers; X-Men recap "Previously in Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men Utopia"

Characters Dark Avengers [Norman Osborn; Ms. Marvel [Moonstone]; Hawkeye [Bullseye]; Ares; Spider-Man [Mac Gargan]; Sentry [Bob Reynolds]] (headshots); X-Men [Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; Beast [Hank McCoy]; Colossus [Piotr Rasputin]; Iceman [Bobby Drake]; Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner]] (headshots); Dark X-Men [Emma Frost; Wolverine [Daken Akihiro]; Namor; Mimic [Calvin Rankin]; Cloak [Tyrone Johnson]; Dagger [Tandy Bowen]; Weapon Omega [Michael Pointer]] (headshots)
Pencils Marc Silvestri; Terry Dodson
Inks Joe Weems; Marco Galli; Eric Basaluda; Rick Basaluda; Jason Gorder; Jay Leisten; Sal Regla; Jonathan Sibal; Ryan Winn; Rachel Dodson
Colors John Rauch; Justin Ponsor
Letters typeset

22 page X-Men story "Utopia: Part 4"

Characters X-Men [Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Iceman [Bobby Drake]; Colossus [Piotr Rasputin] (cameo); Psylocke [Betsy Braddock]; Dazzler [Alison Blaire]; Mirage [Dani Moonstar]; Northstar [Jean-Paul Beaubier]; Pixie [Megan Gwynn]; Karma [Xi'an Coy Manh]; Domino [Neena Thurman]; X-23 [Laura Kinney]; Magik [Illyana Rasputin] Stepford Cuckoos [Mindee]]; X-Club [Dr. Nemesis [James Bradley] (cameo); Madison Jeffries; Kavita Rao (cameo); Yurkio Takiguchi (off-panel)]; Dark X-Men [Emma Frost; Namor; Cloak [Tyrone Johnson]; Dagger [Tandy Bowen]; Wolverine [Daken Akihiro]; Mimic [Calvin Rankin]; Weapon Omega [Michael Pointer]]; Dark Avengers [Iron Patriot [Norman Osborne]; Hawkeye [Bullseye]; Ms. Marvel [Moonstone] (cameo); Ares (cameo); Spider-Man [Mac Gargan] (cameo)]; Victoria Hand (cameo); Simon Trask; Sentinels
Synopsis Cyclops takes a team to observe Emma's team and learn their fighting style. Earlier, the Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers seem more interested in fighting each other, but Emma leads them to an effective battle protecting civilians from Simon Trask's robotic infected humans. Meanwhile, Magik joins up with another team (X-Force mostly in regular X-Men-style uniforms) to meet up with Wolverine, Dani Moonstar heads to Vegas to make a deal, and Psylocke takes the X-Club to something large and mysterious underwater off the Pacific coast.
Script Matt Fraction
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson
Colors Justin Ponsor
Letters Joe Caramagna [as VC's Joe Caramagna]

1 page Dark Avengers; X-Men promo (ad from the publisher) "The Story Continues In..."

Pencils Mike Deodato Jr.; Terry Dodson
Inks Mike Deodato Jr.; Rachel Dodson
Colors ?; Justin Ponsor
Letters typeset
Notes Covers to the next two issues in the crossover: Dark Avengers #8 and Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus.