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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published October 2009
Frequency monthly except semi-monthly in May
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Horwitz (Assistant Editor); Bill Rosemann (Editor); Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2009-08-26

Cover Details - "War of Kings [Cover A]"

Characters Guardians of the Galaxy [Adam Warlock; Gamora]; Inhumans [Black Bolt; Medusa]
Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Pencils Daniel Acuna (signed)
Inks Daniel Acuna (signed)
Colors Daniel Acuna (signed)

Cover Details - "War of Kings [Cover B - 70th Frame Variant Cover]"

Characters Adam Warlock; Sentry [Robert Reynolds]; War Machine; Daredevil [Matt Murdock]; Black Bolt; Sub-Mariner [Namor]; Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]; Nova [Richard Rider]; Pixie [Megan Gwynn]; Punisher [Frank Castle]; Red Hulk; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Luke Cage; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; X-Men [Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]; Emma Frost [White Queen]; Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Beast [Henry McCoy]]; Storm [Ororo Munroe]; Black Panther [T'challa]; Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Nick Fury; Fantastic Four [Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Invisible Woman [Sue Richards]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Thing [Ben Grimm]]; Thor [Dr. Donald Blake]
Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Pencils Mike Perkins; Jim Cheung
Inks Mike Perkins; Jim Cheung
Colors Wil Quintana
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2009-08-26

1 page Guardians of the Galaxy recap "Recap"

Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Letters typeset
Notes Recap of story to date and character listing.

22 page Guardians of the Galaxy story "Adam Magus"

Characters Guardians of the Galaxy [Adam Warlock; Drax [Arthur Douglas]; Gamora; Groot; Major Victory [Vance Astro]; Martyr [Phyla-Vell]; Moondragon [Heather Douglas]; Rocket Raccoon; Star-Lord [Peter Quill] (voice only)]; Inhumans [Black Bolt (cameo); Crystal; Gorgon; Karnak; Maximus; Medusa]; Ronan the Accuser; Emperor Vulcan [Gabriel Summers] (flashback; cameo); The Universal Church of Truth (villains); Magus (villain)
Synopsis The Guardians and the Inhumans try to halt the time-space fissure. Marty attempts to kill Adam Warlock, but accidently releases Magus.
Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Script Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning
Pencils Brad Walker
Inks Victor Olazaba; Scott Hanna
Colors Jay David Ramos
Letters Joe Caramagna of Virtual Calligraphy [as VC's Joe Caramagna]