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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published August 1996
Cover Price $16.95
Pages 244
Editing Annette Roman

Cover Details

Genre fantasy; period
Script Osamu Tezuka
Pencils Osamu Tezuka
Inks Osamu Tezuka
Colors Viz Graphics

3 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Editing the Unspeakable"

Script Annette Roman
Letters typeset

225 page Adolf story "Days Of Infamy"

Characters Adolf Kaufmann, Adolf Kamil, Sohei Toge, Acetylene Lampe, Noriko Ogi, Adolf Hitler, Mieko Nikawa, Malte Kamil, Elisa Gutheimer, Prof Richard Sorge (Ramsey), Yoshio Honda, Colonel Honda, Colonel Nomura, General Doihara, Yukie Kaufmann, General Heusinger,
Synopsis Yukie and Sohei begin to put their lives back together, Colonel Honda is disgraced, and Adolf Kaufmann begins to have nightmares about his actions and is transferred back to Japan
Genre fantasy; period
Script Osamu Tezuka; Yuji Oniki (translator)
Pencils Osamu Tezuka
Inks Osamu Tezuka
Letters Viz Graphics
Notes The story is split into seven chapters